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Mike I have a ? for Walter Thomason. Where's your favorite place to play BJ? 2003-07-26 07:07:22
Walter Thomason Mike -- If you're flat betting, CSMs most likely wont alter your overall outcome, because you are not taking advantage of clumps when they occur. Technically, you're facing the same disadvantage on every hand played as you would face if you only played the first hand in every shoe. (This made sense when I started typing it!) 2003-07-26 07:06:44
Walter THomason Ace -- Considering my experience on another popular bj website, it's almost impossible to be rude to me! So don't worry about it -- if you think I'm wrong, please say so... you might be correct! To answer your question: Standaed practice everywhere I've played (which is just about everywhere in the USA) is for the dealer to deal THROUGH the cut card, and then reshuffel. If he starts a new round after the plastic drops, it's a mistake. Deeper penetration is important to my progressive system because it allows for potentially longer strings of winning hands (since I restart my progression at the start of a new shoe), and is also important to counters since larger numbers of exposed cards better define the value of the cards remaining to be dealt. I've observed that deep penetration often occurs on low limit tables, because the house wants newbie players to receive as many hands as possible, since they are usually working at a greater disadvantage than more experienced players who tend to play at higher limit tables. No particular recommendations as to specific establishments that offer deeper penetration, since conditions change so rapidly. 2003-07-26 06:56:57
Hey RedMan I think you're suppose to trade your black chips at the cage for cash, not put them in the trunk of your car!! 2003-07-26 06:51:49
AceofSpades Walt, forgive my brash/rudness to you, no disrespect.(pretty rough week, at work)Your words, along with the other professionals(Grifter, M.Gmblr.), and a shout out to everyone else in sharing their skills as well.Will read your book, and absorb the methods at hand. My question would be in a six deck game, how important is deck penetration? Most houses in (Vegas) will give 75% pen. Does it really make a great differance if they go further into the deck? I've noticed some places will not go past the cut card, and others will go well past. How important (any good advantage)of finding a house that will do this? Any recomendations in Vegas. 2003-07-26 06:18:14
Mike Question: Unless you're counting, Does a CSM really alter the odds on a religiously played BS session? I feel like that the more they try to make the crds random the more chance they in turn can also clump, however unpredictable that may be. Is the therory behing BS predicting these clumps, in a solitairy shuffle or is it a 1 in 260 odds (5 deck) on what the next card played might be? )sorry, the question made sense to me when I wrote it :) 2003-07-26 06:04:07
Grifter Bughousemaster - You are probably looking a gain of less than 0.05% by changing those hands. So the EV for your game would still be -0.45% to -0.47% (or close to that). 2003-07-26 05:30:46
crackerjacky From Desert Dog to Bug: "What's "lots of" lowbies or biggies? If you're at first base with only one other player, so all you're seeing is your cards, his two cards, plus the dealer's up card, is that too few to trigger these exceptions to BS?" Desert, since Grifter mentioned his Advanced BS play at 3rd base,(see his last post re the multiple l6 hand) seems to me you could apply the same case to first base: ie, if you see a 4 or 5, either of those cards would prompt you NOT to continue to hit that multiple 16 ,right? So, does not take a LOT of cards to initiate Advanced BS, just "key" cards? Grifter, is my reasoning correct here? 2003-07-26 02:06:12
crackerjacky Some great reading/discussion in this forum, especially for a newby like myself. Thanks again everyone ... and Neil for supplying us with such a wonderful site/source. 2003-07-26 01:43:41
Midnite The Magnificent 7 hands, is on page 93, of Fred Renzey's new book. It is called Blackjack Bluebook II. 2003-07-26 00:55:49
Desert Dog Great post, Bughousemaster. Do you have to be at third base to play Advanced BS? And does there have to be at least x number of other players at the table? What's "lots of" lowbies or biggies? If you're at first base with only one other player, so all you're seeing is your cards, his two cards, plus the dealer's up card, is that too few to trigger these exceptions to BS? 2003-07-25 22:53:38
BuGhOužeMASTER crackerjack, you're welcome, and I hope I've fully helped you realize about the hard 16 hand. The 6 other "Mag 7" hands besides the 16 vs. 10 is a 9 vs. 2 (DOUBLE vs. hit when lots of lowbies out), 11 vs. Ace (DOUBLE vs. hit if lots of lowbies are out), 12 vs. 4 (HIT vs. stand when lots of biggies are out), 13 vs. 2 (HIT instead of stand if lots of BIGGIES OUT), A/7 vs. 2 (DOUBLE instead of stand if lots of lowbies out), and A/8 vs. 6 (DOUBLE vs. standing if lots of lowbies out). Keep in mind, these hands do not happen very often, although I must say again that the 16 vs. 10 is the most common (just because there are 4 ten-valued cards vs. one of each, right?). But for you BASIC STRATEGY players who get ANY of these Mag 7 hands dealt, just quickly glance at the other players' hands and if you see a higher amount of low or high value cards out and it meets the requirement to change your reg. BS to ADVANCED BS, do the advanced basic strategy play instead, because these 7 hands, and THESE 7 HANDS ONLY can be a close enough call to alter the reg. BS that again only consider 3 cards while Advanced play considers more than that. Do not try and alter any other cards you are dealt besides these, otherwise you will end up losing more and winning less than you are capable of. In a 6-deck game where I normally play, with me playing Advanced BS, coupled with my flawless BS and betting strategy, surely the house has no edge against me anymore, if so maybe up to 0.1% only... I wish I knew EXACTLY how much Advanced BS cuts down into that 0.5% advantage the house maintains after a flawless BS player... maybe someone knows! 2003-07-25 19:50:18
Midnite Gambler Walter, nice to see a class act like you, on the board and welcome. 2003-07-25 19:40:53
Walter Thomason D -- Tough call. Personally I automatically point out dealer errors, which usually leads to the dealer being chastized by the pit boss, puts his job at risk, and makes him mad at me. On one occasion in Biloxi I corrected a dealer who overpaid me, she called the pit boss over, and he comped me to a gourmet dinner for my honesty. And there's those occasions when you make a mistake and hit a hand that you NEVER hit and lose the hand. Has a dealer ever pointed out to you that you made a mistake, and then returned your money to you? Like I said, tough call. 2003-07-25 19:14:54
Walter Thomason Neil -- Thanks for mentioning my progressions book on your Blackjack Books page. I'm certainly in good company there, and I highly recommend the other books listed. 2003-07-25 19:03:57
D ...what would you do? Played at MotorCity casino this week with an awful, brand-new dealer he made two errors in my favor. (Paid me on a push and a loss) I told him the first time, and didn't the second...what would you do? 2003-07-25 17:19:22
crackerjacky Bug, thanks for your advice re "16". What are the other "MAGnificent" hands that change Basic Strategy depending upon cards already out on the table? 2003-07-25 17:08:17

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