Odds of winning the Hit or Stand Game
  • Is this game realistic in winning odds?
    I've played many hours (more than I care to admit) over the past several days. (trying to get practiced up for my first casino BJ trip).

    If I get 100% correct it seems like I'm up on the money more than half the time at the end of the 20 hands. My starting bet is always $10 .

    If Basic Strategy still gives the house a .5% advantage seems like I'd be down on the dollars.
  • Trust me when I tell you this, I have been working in casinos for over twenty years and there is ways to shorten the odds but the house will in every senario have the odds stacked in the favor of the house if it was not so then they would not offer that game to you, if there was a way to beat the house that game would be withdrawn and would never be seen in any casino again, after all it is all about making money to them and thats what they do every time, and if you are mug enough to go there and play it just keeps them counting the cash and wishing that you would get hooked and lose it all, your money, your car, your house, and they want you to max your credid cards just so there is no way out for you! Trust me I have seen it a thousand times before.
  • Thats where betting strategy comes in to play. i.e. if the odds to win anygiven hand are Approx 50% and you have won a few in a row bet small, because you are going to loose soon.

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