Continuous Shuffle Machines
  • Went to an Indian Casino and all they had were CSM's.
    How does that effect basic strategy?
    How about Progressions?
    I don't think card counting could work
  • Sage -
    1. Basic Strategy remains the same.
    2. Progressions should be played the same.
    3. Counting can not be used.
  • Don't like them. I am using Grifter's (or Midnite's?) grass roots method of getting rid of them. Sit at a CSM table, and say "These machine's give the dealer more 20's than usual." Then, every time the dealer gets one say, "See..."
  • The Indian cassino at Mt. Pleasent MI (Soring Eagle) has went to them except for the high roller tables. They have had a large drop off of players so far, this is what I've heard from those who have been there, not first hand. At the other cassinos in MI everyone is talking about how bad they are to the average Joe BJ player. They have done this in the past and then dropped them, hopefully they will learn that no one wants them and they will drop them again. And I keep bringing it up whenever I play..........Shredder

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