• are any of you green chip members on if so what do you find beneficial about your membership? thanks-
  • not me, but there is another choice. Arnold has a "player's only" board on his web site, which is the same sort of deal except there is no cost. Got guys like Radar O. giving shuffle-tracking ideas, etc...

    main thing is that it is (a) free, (b) got Arnold Snyder and others answering questions...
  • Prog - I am, practically a "charter member". The discussions are primarily about the nitty-gritty of counting. IMO, it is a good site for beginning counters up to say 3/4/5 years experience.....Personally, I prefer the "free-wheeling" style of our forum.

  • Most of the time we stay on topic....thanks to our moderators. I can't
    say the same about other forums that I post on. There are a few
    international forums, but all and all I think Hit or Stand is about right
    for most players of various experience levels.
  • I've seen most of the boards out there. I signed up for Green Chip for three months, (about year and a half ago) then never renewed. This site is the best for my style.

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