Vegas Night at the Local Church
  • Every year our local catholic church has "Vegas Night" for the purposes of fundraising for the catholic school. It is cash cow for the church, raising thousands every year. They have Blackjack, but not having attended the event, no idea on the rules. I did notice that they were taking volunteers to be trained for serving as BJ dealers. My question is has anyone attended similar fundraisers, what were the rules and were the dealers, by and large, inexperienced & sloppy where you could see hole cards, not knowledgable of basic strategy & card counting? I'm not looking to fleece the church, but just curious, that's all.

    As an aside, isn't it ironic that churches in general frown of casino activity...unless it's making money for the church.
  • one common rule is "BJ pays even money". That makes it a cash cow of a game for the house...
  • At ours, pushes go to the dealer; don't expect to make money, just consider it a donation. Every time the dealer took my money on a push he would say..."this one's for the kids". It made me feel better, but only for about $25 worth of donation.
  • I remember when I was a kid, and I had a GI Joe doll, and my Catholic neighbor had a GI Joseph doll!!!...LOL
  • House wins the push??...that seems like a rule that make the game a sure loser. Anyone got an idea on the house advantage for the house taking a push?

    At least losses would be tax deductable.

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