KISS III - 2 deck H17 - Question for Fred Renzey
  • Hi Fred,

    Previously you updated the index numbers for 6-deck Hit 17 on this message board. Could you let me know the changes for the 2 deck H17 game?

  • When they hit soft 17 in a double deck game, these KISS indices become:

    11 va. A = "17"
    12 vs. 6 = "14"
    16 vs. A = "25" (stand)
    A/7 vs. 2 = "17"
    A/8 vs. 6 = "17"

    Due to various inquiries made by Skunk, Progressionist, SS Rat and other e-mailers, the next print run of Bluebook II will squeeze in this type of information on a dozen or so scattered pages. Some of the added info is scheduled to be:
    more players' hand odds
    going halves with others on their 19 vs.10, 10 vs 10 & 10 vs A.
    offering odds to others that the dealer won't break her 4, 5 or 6.
    H17 KISS indices -- including surrender.
    player's EV with the 21 KISS index hands at "neutral" vs "29" RC's.
    player's overall EV at various KISS RC's between "14" and "32".
    error range bewteen RC and TC at various penetration depths.
    simplified method of playing five "minus 1 TC hands" in TC mode;
    which are 9 vs 3, 12 vs 6, 13 vs 2, A/2 vs 5 and A/4 vs 4

    The new run will probably be out around February. Thanks to you who caused me to make BJBBII a better book.
  • Thanks Fred...

    Can't wait to order the new edition!

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