Qustion For Fred Renzey
  • Hi Fred-
    If I'm playing a 6 deck shoe game with Las Vegas rules flat betting nickles and I call in my team member when the kiss III count reaches 20,21,22,23 or higher -he's betting green chips 3,5,8,or10 as the count dictates-
    Question: what is our edge(advantage) also what would be the minimum amount of $ we would need to sit down and do the above? what amount of $ would you reccomend as minimum and also preferred amount? Of course the "called in" team member would not bet when the count went below 20.
    thanks for all your help and advice!
  • Prog -- Essentially, you'd be using a 50-to-1 betting spread. Without running any sims, my feel from past sims guesses you'd have about a 1.5% to 2.0% net edge. It's not as profitable as you'd think though, 'cause you'd merely be saving 80% of all your otherwise $25 (1-to-10) waiting bets which will average about -.75% in EV, and will occupy about 80% of all your time.
    So instead of betting $25-to-$250 and having a $53 average bet with a $40/hr expected win -- your average bet will be around $37 and your expected hourly win about $53.
    Your standard deviation will drop some, so you won't need the usual 12 max. bets per session ($3000). Chances are, around $2400 will provide you with the same financial blanket

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