blackjack vs baccarat
  • i tried thousands hands of bj , and found that the hands of winning is around 44% only by using the bs (losing about 3 units per 100 hands), while the more deck of card using , the rate will be lower ,just around 40% for 8 decks card

    so without counting , bj is a more negative game for player than baccarat which can get 49.x% for betting on players

    i begin to wonder if bj is actually more negative than sci bo and routtle
  • beyond14,
    You bring up an interesting point. My understanding is one must consider other factors of the game of BJ, not just number of hands won, to determine the expectation compared to other games. Remember the player gets paid 3:2 on naturals, can double down, split, re-split aces, surrender, etc., and the dealer must hit 16's. All of these go in favor of the player, which increases overall results. To my knowledge, the only other game that comes close is video poker. For my benefit, and b14's, would someone give us the actual numbers for EV comparing basic strategy BJ and baccarat? Thanks in advance.
  • is a great site for such info. Note, though, that you have many rule variations for BJ, so its complicated. Also, BJ is just more fun! Baccarat must be one of the most boring games at the casino.

    BJ (8 deck, hit on soft 17, double after split, double on any two, resplit to three hands, no surrender): -0.6585%

    Baccarat: -1.06%
  • If I understand this correctly, even playing a BAD blackjack game with basic strategy is 61% better than playing baccarat.
  • In my example below, in blackjack, you have 0.4% better odds. That does represent a 62% decrease in how much blackjack favors you over bacarrat (but not a 62% decrease in your odds).

    If you take very unfavorable rules (8 deck, dealer hits on soft 17, no double after split, only double on 10-11, resplit only once, no surrender), you get a -1.0%, still better than bacarrat. So, yes even a bad blackjack game is better than bacarrat.

    However, if you were to play a blackjack derivative such as Spanish 21, or other games where they don't pay 3-2 blackjack, that would all change. Blackjack playing 1-1, for example, would reduce the odds by 2.27%.
  • but i really think thats very difficult to win 4 times of the original capital as compared for bacarrat , for betting on two times on the player and get 4 times winning ,

    as blackjack is only have advantage for players when u have make a lucky double or split to get somemore advantage while most of time u are losing more money than bacarract

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