BlackJack Book by AVERY CARDOZA
  • BlackJack Book by AVERY CARDOZA


    I'm looking at buying the book "Winning Casino Blackjack for the Non-Counter" by Avery Cardoza. I found it on

    However, I thought I read somewhere that this book is coming out in a revised edition in either Sept or Oct. Anybody know anything about that?

    I am a new Basic Strategy player. Interested in doing better, but not ready (or willing to devote the time) for card-counting.

    What do you think of this book?
  • there is no way to win at blackjack without card counting, or ace-tracking, or shuffle-tracking which requires card-counting also. You might find an occasional hole-card flasher on a BJ table or on another table where hole-card info can be exploited. But other than BJ (ignoring hole card flashers) you can forget about winning, and at BJ you have to count or track to win.

    There is no "easy money" at the casinos...
  • yea stainless steel is right.......if ur interested in winning a lot of money...then u should play at the $100 tables and play a $100 a hand...its not risky at all its just like playing at the $10 table you just win more if your interested in winning alot of money play like 6 hands at the $100 tables...u'll probably win 200-300 dollars..assuming you win a few and lose a few...but thats just my opinion i see blackjack as a game were u bet big in a few hands and get out...its too risky to stay in for the long haul but some people like stainless steel and pj are good enough to do that :)
  • His book Quick Guide To Winning Blackjack is a very good book for the player wanting to learn Basic Strategy -in it he strongly suggests that the reader learn a counting system. Best of luck-
  • GB:

    betting bigger just loses more money, more quickly. You win less than 50% of the hands you play. So betting 6 spots at $100 is _not_ going to make you go home a winner more often than a loser. You will certainly win some here and there. That happens, and is called "variance". But you are going to lose overall. If you don't count or do some other sort of advantage play. And just varying your bets or betting big is _not_ an advantage play in and of itself.

    But it will make the casinos love you...
  • also-
    there's nothing greater than knowing when the count is high-putting out the big bet(s) and watching aces,10's and paint get turned over before your delighted eyes!
  • Just don't forget that on many occasions, those aces and 10's go to the dealer, while you get the 5's and 6's to go with your 10. :)
  • which is NOT proof of the existence of a kind and loving God!
  • Zman,
    A few short years ago I was gathering up all the books I could find on blackjack. That was one of them. I did not really learn anything new by reading it since I already knew basic strategy. To me the information was similar to most other books. I learned the most from Blackjack Blue Book II by Fred Renzey. I have not mastered all the concepts yet, but it has definately taken my game to a new level.
  • > betting bigger just loses more money, more quickly.

    Actually, if you are not going to count and play a negative EV game, the best thing you can do is bet big for a short amount of time and hope that the variance deities will swing your way. In a negative EV game, placing small bets over a long period time is guaranteed death.
  • while your statement is generally true, it isn't practically true.

    What "gambler" is going to go in, plunk all his cash down on one hand, and then leave win or lose?

    And the more hands you play, the worse your chances of coming out ahead. The more trips you make, ditto. Long-term, playing the slowest game with the lowest table minimum is the best one can do, if one _must_ play the game without using some sort of advantage play...
  • Fair enough point.
  • what PJ said is true-the info Fred shares in his book will put you on a whole new blackjack planet!
  • You can't go wrong by listening to _any_ pro that has actually played the game. Thorp, Uston, Wong, Snyder, "bootlegger", and yes, this includes Fred and many others. There are some nut-cases running around, that give advice that boggles the mind of someone that understands sampling theory, but we'll omit the patterson/patrick/etc (oops, I didn't omit them did I?) nut-cases.

    The guys that have actually sat at the tables and played have a lot to offer. Keeping in mind the games have evolved over the past few years with counter-counter-measures...
  • I'll 2nd what PJ says in that I've also learned the most about blackjack from Blackjack Blue Book II by Fred Renzey. than any other book :wink:

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