Up In Count
  • I have been playing the tables for a few years now not deviating from basic strategy but doing pretty good...at least I've learned when to get up from the table when I'm up!! I have been flipping cards at home practicing counting but my question is, "If the count good and you know there are lots of high cards left in the shoe, why is this beneficial to you since the dealer would also get the benefit of this for his/her hand?" I know that when I see lots of little cards come out and I have only counted a few Aces coming out of the shoe, I bet higher and seem to do pretty good. Any comment would be greatly appreciated as I have been wondering about this for some time.
  • BJ is more likely with lots of 10's and aces. You receive 3:2 for your BJ,
    but the dealer does not. That is why BJ's reduce the HA by 2.25 %. You
    are smarter than the dealer(knowledge of the pack) and you may not
    hit some stiffs, whereas the dealer does not have that option and will
    bust more on his stiffs. You may have some double opportunities that
    are not doubles in a neutral deck,etc,etc,etc.............Don't expect to win
    more hands, more money is what you are after.

    And don't forget about the insurance play also.

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