bouble at 11 vs dealer A
  • have u read blackjack bluebook states that

    when u count there is larger chance for getting pic than babies( six more babies than pic on the table)

    than u should even double in this case

    of coz that means we have more chance to get 21

    but on the same time ,. dealer also have greater chance to get bj

    is this rule also only avaiable for those make sure dealer is not a blackjack before hand then u should do this ?
  • 11 vs A....The correct plays are just as shown in Renzey's book. If the dealer stands on a soft seventeen (S17), you HIT, and if the dealer hits a soft seventeen (H17), you DOUBLE......Whether he checks for BJ or not does not change anything.
  • Grifter- If I understand beyond14 correctly, he is referring to the mag/7
    situation in boardcounting and not using some established counting sys.
    In that case, (six more babies than 10's) he should double. I don't think
    Renzey made a difference, in this case, for hit/stand on soft 17.

    Page: 92,93 and 94 is the example. Boardcounting, being so limited,
    makes this a little better than basic strategy for the individual who is
    trying to advance his game just a little, but not counting.

    Beyond14 should understand that there is a hierarchy in accuracy:

    Hand comp, boardcounting, and best, full counting.
  • Ray - I believe you you are usual. My error.....Grif'

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