Dealer Ace
  • When the dealer shows a lot of aces, you may be in for a bad day. As a
    start, you are worried about his BJ potential and from there on it don't
    get much better. The dealer will bust 17% when he has an ace showing and that is less than any other card. The reason for that is another chilling
    reality. With an ace showing, the dealer can take a third card, regardless
    of what he has in the hole (even when he makes a bust).
    With an ace showing the dealer will make his hand 83% of the time.
    He has so many outs to a made hand and in my case too many 21's in
    a losing session. Little wonder that we push on 20 or 21 so often. The
    fact that a dealer must hit stiffs increases his 20 or 21 potential.
  • I was thinking about this too, and it makes me wonder why Aces are considered to be to the player's advantage if you're card counting? Don't they help out the dealer tremendously too?
  • Yes they do, but the dealer does not win 3:2 on BJ's, nor can he soft
    double with A,X and split A,A. Also, if he makes a stiff with an ace he must hit again, but we don't. If you and the dealer get about the same
    distribution, you will get the better results, but look out when he gets
    most of the aces.

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