no hole card BS , what s the difference
  • I think there will be some difference for no hole card or with hole card

    anyone can provide

    the most doubtful one is 8 8 vs A

    is it should spilt if the dealer still have 4/13 chance to get blackjack ??
  • According to wizard of odds, "no hole card" blackjack counts 0.11% against you.

    Looking at the hole card, your expected return if you split 8's against an A is -0.3725. Not splitting them gives you an expected return of -0.5171. That's a pretty significant difference. Thus, I don't think it would matter whether the dealer peaks or not -- it would seem likely that you should split in both cases.
  • the main issue is "what do you lose?" If you only lose your original bet, it isn't a problem. If you lose splits/doubles/etc to a blackjack, then it hurts more... and yes, BS changes then since you would not split against an A, etc...

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