CSM less house edge ?
  • i just read an article said CSM can even lower the house edge ,they just provide some data , but cannot give the reason

    house edge for hand shuffle and CSM
    decks hand CSM difference
    1 0.164% 0.051% 0.113%
    2 0.264% 0.201% 0.063%
    4 0.407% 0.373% 0.034%
    6 0.454% 0.434% 0.020%
    8 0.477% 0.463% 0.014%
  • beyond14- The theory is that the way players play (H/S) in a CSM game
    tends to force the availability of tens (more tens). I read this theory
    some time back and thought it was a stretch in logic. No way can it
    justify a rush to play CSM's unless that is all you have and you play BS.
  • i dont quite understand , that means play BS in CSM is good or not ?
  • bad- lose money faster!
  • If you like CSM's, and you are a basic strategy player, go ahead and play them. The fact remains, you are playing a negative expectation game that moves faster, therefore, you lose faster. Also MAKE SURE you play basic strategy to perfection. I mean, split those 8's, even against dealer 10. Hit your hard 16 against dealer 7, hit your A7 against dealer 10, split your 9's against dealer 9, and so on. My own experience and observation has proven there are very, very, few players who truly know all the correct plays, and if so, are even willing to make them!

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