dealer having only one face card
  • Hi i am a newbie to blackjack.

    I am from New Zealand, and the casino i play on, the dealer has only 1 card (face up)(nothing face down), not the two that appears on this site.

    Does this change the basic strategy at all? I find a lot of the time i stand on 16 if the dealer on 10 if i beleive that enough highcards have been drawn. And quite often the dealer busts.
  • I can only respond to what I read in your post. Do you really mean that the dealer only gets one card? Then this is not blackjack. Please provide more information.
  • What you are playing in this situation is "no hole card" BlackJack. The dealer takes the 2nd card after the players have finished their play. The House has a distinct advantage. Also, the rules may permit the loss of a double-down and a split IF the dealer draws a BlackJack to a face card or Ace. Therefore, its unwise to double or split against a face or Ace. Especially true for 11 vs. face, and splitting Aces... Dont split Aces against an Ace, and don't double on 11 vs dealer face card (10,J,Q,K).

    Notoriously BAD game IF the dealer can HIT soft 17 along with the no-hole-card rule.
  • thanks, yea its no hole blackjack, so basically basic strategy doesnt change except when it comes to spliting and doubling etc
  • it depends on the rule being used. I have seen this played where no matter what you do, including splitting, doubling, etc, if the dealer gets a blackjack, you lose everything. BS definitely changes for this game. The other variant I have seen is where you can split, double, etc, but if the dealer pulls a blackjack, you only lose your original bet...

    The latter is not a bad rule. The first variant can be a killer if you don't modify basic strategy.
  • im irish and am therfore limited to this no hole card what precentage does this increase the house advantage?can u still beat the house even with this system?cheers again from a pissed off will :x
  • In no-holecard blackjack, if you lose only your original bet on doubles and splits when the dealer has blackjack, then there is no change in the percentages at all -- same game. But if you lose both bets, then the basic strategy house edge increases by 0.13% provided you make the necessary B/S adjustments.
  • cheers,and the only 2 adjustments are dont split aces v an ace and dont double 11 v picture?
  • Will- Do you play in Dublin? I show two casinos in Dublin and the times
    I've been there, I didn't know they existed.
  • no ray,im from cork,and i play in a macau casino where they play the no hole card are there only these basic stratagy changes?[outlined above]
  • Will-Yes as far as I know. If it's true "no hole card" and the dealer does not take all bets at the end with BJ (per Renzeys post). If the rules are
    just bad, like limited doubling, and the house wins all bets at the end w/BJ, I don't think that is a game you want to play.

    My in-laws are from Kerry and we have a house down on the Ring. We
    usually make it over to Cork pretty often when we are there. Maybe next
    summer if all goes well. I thought about building a small house in Dublin,
    but thing are far more expense there than in the US.
  • The house wins everything with blackjack but there is'nt limit doubling.I think there's 1 other casino in cork which i'll check out.Ray,Dublin is just too costly,i would stay in kerry where you have the beautiful killarney and the wonderful "no hole card" blackjack all at your doorstep!
  • should I surrender a pair of eights against a picture in "no hole card bj"[ie]dealer takes all if he hits bj.
  • yes, instantly... :)

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