Nouu B Here
  • Found the forum a few weeks ago on a Google search. 8)

    I started playing this game at charity casinos here for fun. $5.00 max bets. I found out within a short time I can play for hours on $20 and have fun or loose. The real treat was 2004 going to Vegas for a few days. Spent time at the Gold Coast and was my first real casino. Played my 1st table for $5.00 minumums and won about $35 I was quite happy and realized my play at home was good for here too so after visiting 8 Casinos in 3 days I left with $150 6 wins 2 even and 1 time lost $40. I know its not big bucks but hey I had a great time. Playing in Vegas was a real thrill in itself. They let you handle the cards there compared to the casinos here they don't allow it. And there are more games of BJ to play where as here they deal from a shoe all the time.

    I usually try and play about once a month at a local charity casino in Brantford and so far I'm 7 wins to 5 times lost here in Ontario. My last outing was my biggest $ win yet of $620 :D Yes the 3 dealers each got a $5 from me. :wink: I am learning the techniques here but mostly play BS now. When I went to Vegas I had no clue of BS :lol: . But many players and dealers were good to offer advice and I learned it on the go.

    I'm hoping to learn more from the forum and hope you don't mind if I ask a few dumb questions. I really enjoy the game and I want to improve my play and also keep up the fun and the thrill. My goal is to win a grand and take it to the bigger Casinos in Niagara Falls or back to Vegas.

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