Question...Splitting 6's or 7's vs 7 or Higher??
  • I know this is not a great idea and goes against BS. I believe the proper play is to hit. BUT.....what about splitting the pairs to try and make a better hand of the 2. You know your gonna get spanked with a ten if you pull on most times and a 3 or 4 is still not enough on a 12. So lets say you split and try for 3,4 or 5. Then you in much better shape for the 3rd card. I have never done this though. Its just thinking out loud. I thought this out loud last Sunday at a table the guy beside me to the right thought it was intereesting play. The guy 2 players down the left gave me heck and said I should go and learn to play proper before even comming here :shock: :evil: But after 3 shoes I'm the one cashing in $820 and he is down. :P I just gave him a nice smile and said good luck :wink:

    Anyones comments welcome on this
  • basic strategy is basic strategy. It maximizes your E.V. Doing anything else costs you money over the long-run. You can visit to see exactly what not following BS will cost you for any specific playing decision such as the example you gave.
  • Thanks dude appreciate the heads up and I'll check that site out when more time permits :)

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