Fred Renzey needs a website
  • Fred Renzey needs his own website. He is so knowledgeable. It is one I would visit frequently to read articles and get advice.

    Just my opinion. Anyone agree?
  • Lorenzo-
    I agree absolutely! His book,Blackjack Bluebook II can take one from complete novice to Advantage Player-and on top of it he makes it as SIMPLE as possible! I was going around for years thinking chances were the dealer had an ace in the hole-read Freds' chapter on blackjack myths and I got cured. I'm now an advantage player thanks to Blackjack Bluebook II and I gotta tell you, it feels just GREAT knowing when there's a high % of high cards left in the shoe and I watch them get turned over! Best of luck-
  • There's an even better archive index, HERE:
  • i have bought the book , but i can only play CSM in my country , i dont know is it work

    but i also play a hand shuffle real live cam casino which is hand shuffling
    , but they play so slowly when the table is full so i dont have patience play there long time

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