Doubling an Ace-10
  • Do the rules of BJ allow you to double down when dealt an ace and a ten-card?

    Sounds stupid ... perhaps. Common sense would say itś foolish to turn down a guaranteed 3 to 2 payoff. But could it ever be more worthwhile to go the 2 to 1 payoff

    So two quest
  • I don´t think it´s allowed...
  • I would assume casinos would love for you to do it:

    Expected return for doubling on 11 with a 6 for the dealer: 0.6674
    Expected return for accepting your blackjack: 1.5

  • I have seen it and done it in tournaments. In the last round, you bet the table max but still can't catch the chip leader with the 3:2 snapper payoff, but if you double and win, the 2x payoff will put you in first. So it is not that uncommon, particularly on the last round or two.

    I have seen it in Vegas a very few times in real games, and I have never seen a dealer/pit say "no" since it is a bad play statistically and increases the house edge significantly when you turn at least a push 21 into a losing 12 when you get an ace, or something similar...

    Someone once told me they played somewhere that did not allow this (non-tournament play of course) but I do not remember where.
  • Funky,

    Thanks -- that's exactly what I was looking for. I've seen w

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