Trip Report - backed off
  • About 1 1/2 hours into a $15 6 deck game here in CT., spreading 1-10, I get a tap on the shoulder and told by the floor manager that my play was being restricted... table minimum only and one spot only. I politely agreed and played one more hand and left. I use a players card so I assume I am toast.

    I was actually a loser for the session, but had come back big in the previous positive shoe.

    In hindsight...

    I think I was being watched as soon as I sat down but because it was a little slow and usually the pit guys watch anyways I did not worry.

    There were several times I noticed the pit talking in groups, but not all that unusual.

    Phone rings once...5 minutes later I'm called out.

    I played to long.
  • Mohegan or Foxwoods?
  • jm2552 said:
    Mohegan or Foxwoods?

    Check your inbox
  • Not good chuckn

    Spread 1-10 caught their eye. Winning with an 8 or 10x bet got you noticed. You might play the CSM's without hassle.
  • You're obviously a very good counter to be using that spread in a 6 deck shoe, If you're going to play for such a long time why not throw in a blatantly foolish play once in a while to mix them up a little and keep the staff guessing?

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