Live Digital BlackJack at Casino
  • Do you love the thrill of blackjack? Does the sound of chips hitting the table get your adrenaline pumping? This innovative game combines real dealers and casino chips with state of the art video displays and digital cards to deliver the ultimate in Blackjack action, all in a table games atmosphere. Play Live Digital Blackjack - only at Harrah´s.
    The above was copied from Harrah's Cherokee website.

    Has anyone played this? Does anyone have any thoughts on it?
    I'd like to try it but it seems like this could be rigged to give the house a bigger advantage like maybe not being truly random cards like you'd get with real cards. I don't play online for the same suspicions.

    I live in Georgia and there are no real casinos close. Cherokee would be the closest, but what do y'all think?
  • I will never play online BJ for money. This sounds tempting if you can see the shoe they are dealing from or if its double deck. I would try it for minimum only like $2.00 a hand for fun. Harrahs has been on the strip for a long time. Do they have a good reputation? Thats another thing to look at too. Sounds interesting enough though :)
  • I saw this game offered at the Skagit Casino in Washington state. It looked like it was a video simulation of 6 deck. I didn't play it but it looked like it "shuffled" the shoe at about 75 % penetration but I did not count the cards to see if what was remaining in the "shoe" was accurate to the actual number of cards dealt.

    If the game is fair then it is no worse than playing against a standard 6 deck game. I thought it might move faster because each player gets their cards instanly and can play their hands in any order. You don't have to wait for others to play before playing your cards which might speed the game up a bit but it seemed that the people playing were having some trouble with the interface and it seemed like the game moved slower than hand dealt.
  • can a counter still count at this game?
  • If it's the place in Cherokee, NC, don't go there. I spent a total of about
    15 minutes there several years ago. Best I can remember the double
    options were very poor. Things can change, but I doubt it.............
  • YES, I am referring to the Harrah's Cherokee (NC) Casino.

    I posted this same question on another BJ forum that I frequent. Someone there posted the following response:

    Here you can double on any2 cards,split any pair,double after the split,split up to 4 times,dealer stands on soft 17.

    So, those rules sound reasonable. Only catch for me is that they only have $15 and $25 tables. I'm more in the $5 league.

    AND, I still wonder if these are truly random or rigged so dealer get better hands more often than they should.
  • Dealer standing on soft 17 is interesting! :D
  • so,can a counter still count or not?
  • I didn't watch the game long enough to determine if it was fair or not. If it is fair, then I would say it is countable.

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