wizard of odds csm....
  • The wizard of odds seems to indicate that you have better odds with using a CSM.... I guess the count would always be zero... any thoughts on this???????
  • Yes, you do have better odds and that is due to the availability of more
    tens that favor the player. The so called draw-back to this is you play
    about 20% more hands and will lose more in the long-term. The fact of
    the matter is that most basic strategy players should not worry about the
    long-term because they are infrequent players. Their short term last
    a lifetime and I doubt that they should worry about the stats.
    The same can be said for some counters who don't play enough for their
    advantage to have any meaning. You've got to play a lot of hands for a
    1% advantage to bring home the bacon, a lot of hands.
  • Norm...
    I have had a great time playing the "Delayed & Limited Progression/Regression" Strategy
    at the 4 Deck CSM's out there at Pauma, Pala, and Pechanga Casinos...
    Sometimes Harrah's Rincon also...5, 5, 5, 25, 50, 100, 200.

    Also, (combining) that Strategy (with Hit & Run Tactics) works very well at the BACCARAT Tables,
    especially IF you WAIT until AFTER 5 Consecutive Banker or Player WINS in a Row,
    BEFORE you enter to START the Progression...25, 50, 100, 200, 400.

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