Ante-ing in OK
  • Went to the WinStar Casino in Oklahoma last week -- Will NEVER go there again.

    You have to ante 50-cents before each hand -- each hand! If you get into a fast paced game, you could be $30-$40 ahead from your bet winnings after an hour, but still be losing money because of all the ante money you've lost. What a rip!

    Makes me really look forward to Vegas or Bossier City.
  • Here is the thing with "ante" games...

    if it is a flat 50 cents, then if you bet $100, that is a 1/2% house edge. If you bet $25, that is a 2% house edge. That on top of the existing .5% edge for most shoe games. If you have a large average bet, you can overcome this with counting. But if you are betting at a $5 unit size, counting can't possibly overcome that 10% extra house edge.

    I would not play, period.
  • Thats a total rip. I wouldn't play either :evil:

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