Best low roller games in Vegas
  • I'll be in Vegas Dec 12th for about 80 hours.
    I'll be playing at my usual spots-Imperial Palace,Vegas Club,
    and El Cortez.On advice from some folks I'll be checking out The Plaza. Which other places do you recommend? I'm staying mid-strip at Harrahs.
  • Last time I was there the 4 Queens had a good SD game. As you already mentioned, The Plaza had the best DD game.

    No where on the strip was worth playing, including the Imperial Palace.
  • I liked the Gold Coast. They had some double deck games there!
  • My last two trips(August and Halloween) the DD game at the IP treated me quite well.Almost every dealer dealt an extra hand when I put out a $1 tip on good counts.
    Plus the dealers were ALL quite pleasant.A couple hours of $5-15 play got me 2 free dinners and passes to their revue show and the car museum.
    Plus they just mailed me four $5 matchplay coupons.
  • Found IP and Harrah's okay last week but you have to watch carefully to find the 3:2 payout for BJ at IP as each section (Dealertainers, Champagne Pit, Normal Tables) as all seemed to have different rules. I didn't like the cards dealt down at the Champagne Pit but they were quite liberal handing out beads every time you got a BJ and offering champagne in little plastic glasses. I did pretty good at both IP and Harrahs though and always ended my short sessions up $50 - $100. Beware of Slots-Of-Fun though. I was playing a $5 table upping bets here and there and had lots of $5 chips and when I colored up to receive a $100 chip and when I put it in my pocket I murmered something about "that'll cover my $60 I started with" (I planned on continuing my play with a bunch of other $5 chips on the table) all of a sudden the dealer "forgot" to put the other decks of cards in the automatic shuffler so when it came time for a new shoe she just stared at me. I asked how long it would take for the machine now to shuffle these cards because normally they were immediately ready to be removed from the machine and put in the shoe and play started very quickly. A long time went by and everyone at my table was getting impatient with her. I asked this time, "Is this going to be much longer?" and she just said "Yup, shortly". Well, I did leave the table and as soon as I did she grabbed the cards and continued playing with everyone else. I was not too pleased with Slots-Of-Fun this trip but it is a great place to win - just don't make anything too obvious.

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