Splitting 10's
  • First, understand that I'm not counting cards at all.

    Ok, I admit that I know it is WRONG to split 10's.
    HOWEVER, having said that, how bad is it really to split 10's against a dealers 6 or even a 5?

    I know the charts say to STAND and not split, but i've been experimenting with this while level betting $5/hand. Seems like I'm a little ahead by splitting my 10's against dealer's 5 or 6 (only time I split 10's). I've done this a few times while playing with friends and using some spare chips to keep 'score'.

    So, am I just lucky, or haven't played enough hands for a good statistical experiment?

    Thanks for any response.
  • EV, player 10,10 vs dealer 5

    stand = +.67
    split = +.38

    EV, player 10, 10 vs dealer 6

    stand = +.70
    split = +.47

    The above show that if you bet $1.00 initially, you would win some fraction of a dollar for either. But you win _more_ by standing than when you split. You can get the above numbers from the wizardofodds.com. The BS strategy cards _never_ lie so long as you use the right rules, right card (BS differs for SD, DD and multiple decks) and you get reputable cards. The above site has accurate BS charts for all games...
  • So maybe I am completely mistaken on this - I place a $1 bet and get dealt JJ with the dealer showing a 6. If I stand I will win $0.70/hand on average. After 100 identical deals, theoretically I am up $70.

    Conversely, I place a $1 bet and get dealt JJ with the dealer showing a 6. Instead I split the JJ and now have 2 hands in each deal. After 100 deals I am theoretically up $0.47/hand or $0.94/deal - a profit of $94.

    Why would I not do this? I realize that on a hand by hand basis it is a loser. But on a deal by deal basis it is a winner. Cant wait to hear back.

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