hit after split
  • why can't i hit after i split. and does the computer shuffle the deck after each hand, or is it dealing from a shoe?
  • When you split aces, you get one more card to each ace. For other splits you may hit after splitting.

    Assume the deck is reshuffled each time.
  • The BJ games I play in Nevada casinos allow you to take more than one card on split aces. The computer simulation does not. Why??
  • The HitOrStand game is designed with one set of rules. I suppose the designers of the game thought it would be better to only allow one additional card after splitting Aces.
  • After splitting Aces (always split Aces), any casino ive ever dealt in only
    gave 1 card
  • however, those casinos also had "peekers" which checked for BJ if dealer
    showed an Ace or 10

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