"changing the cards"
  • Are there any trends, stats, etc on 'changing the cards' by increasing or decreasing the number of hands being played?

    I have seen players increase from one to two played hands hands when on losing streak or cut back from two to one hand which may make more sense.

    I have also seen players increase number of hands played when on win streak which is suspect because why change anything when going good?
  • No. Number of hands does NOT "change the cards". It's all nonsense.

    Two hands are better than one because you reduce your variance: With one hand, you might have a 50% chance of losing. With two hands you have a 50% chance of losing hand A, 50% chance of losing hand B, but only a 25% chance of losing BOTH. But on the other hand, if you're here to GAMBLE, you might LIKE variance, so stick to one hand.

    Counters like playing 2 hands because they can maintain the same expected win rate, but reduce the varinace of the outcomes. They will play one hand when the house has the advantage. Some counters will go to two spots (or back to one spot) and say something nonsensical like, "this should change the flow of the cards". It's a bad joke on people that don't know the difference, but it's done so the pitboss will think the counter is just as ignorant as the next guy.

    This only works if you bet (for example) $10 on 2 spots versus $20 on one spot.

    You raised a VERY good question. Thanks for asking.
  • TONDI, One hand,two hands or an extra player does not alter anything
    as regards your chances to win. Last week I went up to a $10 dollar
    table at 1-1/2 decks played and a good situation. Ohhh no, you wait for
    the next shoe this nit-wit bellowed. His request(stupid as it was) was not
    that unusual; it was the way he said it that caused my blood to boil. With
    uncommon control I backed off and went elsewhere, but you can well
    imagine what I was thinking. The dealer knew and managed the situation
    rather well.........................
  • Ray - And for that you get a great big "attaboy". Tough as it is to do, it is 'wiser' to swallow your pride/temper a bit than draw attention to yourself by getting in a shouting match at the tables. 8) ...G.
  • Tondi- Yes, going from one hand to playing two hands will "change the cards". A new player coming in will change the cards. A new dealer coming to the table and burning a card, will also change the cards. You just Never know if it changes them for the better or for the worse. The point is the cards are always changing (changing from what I am not sure) as there is no predetermend order of cards. You will get X amount of good hands and X amount of stiff (bad) hands, no matter how many players or how they play their hands. It just doesn't make any difference.... Now if a really bad player goes to two hands to "change his luck or the cards" What will usually happen is, he can now lose Twice as much and go broke Twice as fast.

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