Heard at the casino today.....
  • The dealer stated that there was a new strategy guide "out there" that re-figured Basic Strategy and it says that it is to your advantage NOT to hit a 16 vs dealer 7. Anyone else heard this? What book/strategy? (Of course, this dealer was also giving other incorrect strategy advice, so I bring it up only for the stimulating conversation always provoked on this site!)
  • Did you tell him you stopped playing CSM's because they give the dealer more 20's? :wink:

    Actually, did you know the word gullible is not in the dictionary? :wink: Really, it's actually a French slang word that is not proper English, or even proper French, for that matter.... :wink: :wink: No, no, it actually is a derivative of "Gulliver" as in "Gulliver's Travels" and should really be spelled with a capital "G". ha-ha-ha
  • D. Sounds like your dealer was "out there". There are some close plays, But 16 vs 7 is Not one of them. I have found that "most" dealers are not good players. My last trip a dealer told me that I should not split Aces. He thought it was better to double down with them.
  • I, too, have seen dealers that would be poor players if they followed their own advice. So are they trying to make us play badly for the house's benefit, or are they just uninformed?

    Many dealers who shuffle the cards many times per day into an order that can only be described as random seem to believe in the "flow of the cards".

    I know dealing blackjack isn't brain surgery, but...?
  • Actually, Mr. Ed I was able to perpetuate the CSM/More 20's rumor because my casino uses shoes on one floor and CSM's on another. I plan to single-handedly rid Detroit casinos of them. I was playing at a low stakes table with lots of inexperienced players and he had many of them standing on 16 v 7 and every time they would stand and win he would point it out. Other's bad plays don't bother me, but several others left.
  • I think dealers are really trying to give good advice. Of course, I also think that a lot of dealers have never picked up a blackjack book or even tried to fully work out the logic behind their advice. But no matter, I believe their intentions are good. I believe a good dealer tries to make his customers happy. I think your particular dealer thinks he's doing his customers a big favor by pointing out a little "secret" that most people disagree with. His selective memory (and ignorant ploppies, as well) will just confirm his little "secret".

    I always like to play dumb. If I were playing at that table I'd say something like,
    "Look at all the 5's on the table - I think there's one more. Hit me!" or
    "I'm not going down without a fight" (this one is hard if you just surrendered a 15v10) or
    "I'm due for a '21'. Hit me!" or
    "Ya gotta assume the hole card is a 10. Hit me!" or even better:
    "Can I split a 16?"
  • Try 12 vs 4 when your playing 3rd. Dealers stop me, ask again and other players chime in as well. No matter the outcome, your just plain stupid.
    The best cover spot is always 3rd and that is why I like to play it.....
  • One of the first times I ever palyed, I had a player leave in disgust after I hit A7v9. I, of course, busted and he ended up loosing. As my confidence lie shattered, and my spirits were low, the guy next to me said, "That guy's been as asshole all night. I'm glad he left" and the dealer nodded in agreement.

    Here's the moral - always do the right thing.
  • Not long ago this young guy sits down and its plain to see that he knows
    little or nothing, not even hand signs, stiffs, whats that? He wins the first
    hand after the dealer tells him how to use his hands. Next hand the guy
    next to him doubles on 11vs10 and not to be out done he says double
    and does not put any extra money out there, he has 7. Then and there
    he picks up three coaches, dealer and one to his left and right. After an
    hour or so I pass by this table again and the guy is standing there talking
    to his two girl friends and has all kinds of chips in front of him. He decides to leave and begins to pocket his chips, but the dealer offers to color him
    up and he has no idea what she is talking about. Anyway, the exchange
    is made and off he goes, one girl on each side, and the knowledge that
    there is nothing to this game.

    What do I think? Just like the rest of you, I have a new reason to dream
    again and we could care less about how much money he won or how
    he will do the next time he plays...................................................

  • There was an older lady with a match play coupon who sat down and said, "How do I use this?". Clearly her first encounter with BJ. She got a 13v6. She looked at the rest of us and said, "What do I do?". We all said, "You should stand."
    "But I only have, let me see...9 and 4 make 13...I only have 13."
    I could tell this was going to be a long night.
    "That's right. Your best bet is to stand"
    Even the dealer agreed.
    "Really? Well all right then, I Stand" she announced - no hand signals.
    "You have to go like this" and we waved our hands.
    "But, why? I said "stand", isn't that what I was supposed to say?"
    "Yeah, but you have to go like this...for the cameras"
    "What? What cameras?"
    Oh brother.
    "They have cameras that watch you play. You have to go like this"
    "OK, FINE" she said as she waved.
    Well she won, and thank the Lord she picked up her chips and left!

    And as she walked away, from her very first and very last hand, I thought, "Wow, that old lady just joined the elite club of Lifetime Blackjack winners! I can only hope that I end up so fortunate!"

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