Going to Vegas Tonight!
  • Hey all...

    Advice needed...

    Heading to Vegas tonight for the weekend. I've got the B/S down but I've always been mostly a flat bettor (with occasional foolish "feeling lucky bets") and I don't count. My spread is usually $10 to $75 and I usually walk away from the weekend fairly neutral. Was contemplating using a progression this trip since I never have and would like to see what results it renders. Was gonna use the Martingale System......just kidding. Was thinking about using a progressive 5 based on a 1,2,3,4 back to 1 progression. Any thoughts? Any better suggestions for something fairly easy that might give me a slight advantage (if you believe that progressions render an advantage at all).

  • meant 1,2,3,5 back to 1

    sorry....still any suggestions appreciated!
  • Use the Mr. Ed method: Play two spots. Start with $10 on each spot. After each round, pull back any extra bets from splitting or doubling. Remove one red chip. Add chips if you need to get back to $10 on each spot. Max out at two bets of $50 (or whatever you feel comfortable with).


    Round 1: blackjack and a push.
    Pull back $5 and bet $15 and $15

    Round 2: double and lose, win
    Pull back $15 (due to the double) plus $5. bet $10 and $10.

    Round 3: win and lose
    Pull back nothing. bet $10 and $10

    Round 4: surrender and push
    Pony up another $5. bet $10 and $10.
  • Nothing wrong with the 1-2-3-5. If you are going to use a progression it is a decent, farily safe one; and recommend by H. Tamburin.

    Mr. Ed's looks like a "double Thomason" at first glance (sorry Ed, this has to be quick, I'll look at it later), so it would be decent also.

    Personally, I would recommend Walter Thomason's 10-15-20-25 for you. I don't play progressions that often, but the tests I have done with it were fine. Also fairly low risk.... Since you are leaving tonight, you could pick up Walter's book at the Gamblers Bookstore when you get in Vegas (on South 11th St, just off Charleston).
  • Thanks....

    Will give me something to think about on the flight.

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