BJ Game on
  • Is something wrong with it? It isn't loading!
  • Loaded OK for me. Is it still not working for you?
  • Nope... just tried it. I'd click on small/medium/large nothing happens -- I just see a black screen staring at my CLEAR face.
  • Try clicking on "The Game" instead of "Home". Maybe that will work. Both ways worked for me. Sorry to hear about your technical difficulties :cry: :cry: :cry:
  • Got it working now... so it's all good.

    Neil - Would there be anyway for you to include an All Time High Scores for the Normal mode as well?
  • Grifter said:
    I'll delete it later.....G.

    Anyday now.............................. :roll:
  • bug - o.k., I admit I forgot... it's gone.. :lol:

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