thoughts on this type of BJ..
  • found this game by accident this week in Vegas.
    Rules; 1 deck,shuffled after every round. 1 on 1 with dealer,BJ pays 2-1,even on split aces.Six cards is an automatic win,DD on 10/11 only,no DD on splits,no resplits..Dealer S17s.

    Pretty good rules for a Vegas game,no?Plus comps add up quite quicky. Three hours or less got me 216 points,good for $26 dollars in comps,$11.82 in cash and a free fleece for getting 200 points in a day.
    seven untimed sessions gave me 6 winners of between 15 and 40 dollars and one where I lost my $40 buy-in.
    All for $1 or less starting bets.
    Game is readily available at many casino bars,on the multi-game poker machines.
    I can't find any references to this sort of game
    on any websites.
    Is this a game that is programed to pay out only a percentage of what it takes in?
    Its one of six games on the multi-game platforms ,so if the above is true,does each game have a specified payout. Would it pay a higher percentage on $5 unit bets then on .25 cent bets?
    With casinos offering double and triple point days,even a machine that played true Ev would seem like a cash cow to a grinder like myself.
    Thoughts? Opinions?,Facts?
    Only reference I see to BJ machines in my limited library suggests they should be avoided because of the CSM type shuffle they use.but wouldn't 2-1 BJs,even after splits, more than compensate?
  • I don't play the machines, but from what I hear the 2:1 payout is actually
    1:1. That would be your bet + 1 and not your bet + 2. Could be diff in LV.
  • yep, they often say "2 for 1" rather than "2 to 1" which is not the same thing. I don't recall ever having seen a machine payoff 2:1, nor even 3:2 which is normal. My wife found some of these in Vegas this past summer, but then I explained the difference in 2:1 and 2 for 1 and she quit quickly.
  • Someone else mentioned this,and I suppose it is posssible,but.....
    If BJ returns only your bet plus one,would not a regular win only return simply your bet(1 for 1)?
    If the only hand that allowed you to make a profit on was BJ,who would play these games?
    I deposit $40,bet $1 and win,I now have $41.
    bet $1,recieve BJ and now have $43.
    Were it as you guys are describing, wouldn't....
    it be like this;
    $40,bet $1 and win,have $40
    bet$1,get BJ and have $42?
    i'm trying to remember exactly what it said when you got a BJ. Think it was 2-1,although if it said 2 for 1,I certainly didn't notice.
    One hand I absolutely recall was splitting aces and getting BJ on one hand and losing the other.I had a $3
    bet out and was a $9 winner.
  • We can reason this out with a little rule analysis. Suppose the game had good rules and the HA was .5. Now what does the bad rules add to the HA?

    - Double on 10,11 only........ .10
    - No soft double................. .11
    - No re-split pairs............... .02
    - 6 card automatic win........ ??
    - No double after split......... .14

    I don't know the amount for a 6 card win, so lets leave that out for now.

    .10 + .11 + .02 + .14 =.37 for a total house edge of .50 + .37= .87 HA

    Looks bad, but all is not lost. The 3:2 normal blackjack payout reduces the
    HA by 2.25% and is one of the main reasons that a normal table BJ game has
    just a .5 advantage.

    Now suppose we get paid 2:1 for each blackjack. We get our bet back plus
    two. That is double the amount paid normally and would reduce the HA by
    an additional 2.25%.

    In short, the player ends up with a 1.38% player advantage and this does
    not take into consideration the additional benefit of the 6 card wins.

    Conclusion: It is not likely that any casino will offer a game of that type and
    is more likely that the BJ payout is 1:1 with a HA of .87 + 2.25 = 3.12.

    This number will vary just slightly depending on the game rules and 6 card
    payout effect on HA.
  • NYB:

    That's the "scam" on the BJ machines. You are absolutely correct. You bet $1, you get paid $1 when you win. No matter whether it is a BJ win, or just a win. It's a lousy game.
  • It seems to the consensus on several forums that on these machines,a BJ pays the same as a regular win.
    That being the case,I can see why they call a split Ace/10 a BJ.I know that they had a special pop-up come on screen on every BJ saying Winner,Blackjack pays2:1,but I can't say with any certainty that it paid double a regular win. I certainly thought it did,but evidently it doesn't.
    I've got someone who is going to check out the machines in the next week or two. I'll get back with the definitive answer.
  • Wouldn't no DD on splits and no resplilts be enough proof to tell one that this game is not any good? To me that is enough to indicate that it is a garbage game.
  • i_dream_of_Jaynie3367 said:
    Wouldn't no DD on splits and no resplilts be enough proof to tell one that this game is not any good? To me that is enough to indicate that it is a garbage game.

    Not if it was paying 2 to 1 on BJs,esp if it was doing so on split aces.IF the game was paying 2-1 on BJs,it would more than offset the bad DD rules. Sadly, it appears that these games offer the bad DD rules AND bad BJ payouts.They do offer great comp. rates,on the other hand.

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