• Had an excellent session friday at Harrah's : Won 41 Units (= $25.00 minimum x 41)...
    Won 12 Units at Pala on saturday (= $25.00 minimum x 12)...

    Used my Delayed & Limited Progression = wait until AFTER at least 5 Player or Banker in a row,
    then Bet the opposite until Win 1 Unit,
    then leave the Table and watch the Digital Marquee Scoreboards for next opportunity...

    Anyone else play Mini-Baccarat???
  • Congrats on the wins! That mini Baccarat table is always full everytime I got to play at my local Casino. Mostly Asians playing and they make a lot of noise from there. Sounds like s fun game. :)
  • Surfteq:

    Very good results. Where are you playing that the tables have the Marquee
    Scoreboards. I play mostly in Atlantic City and most of the casinos don't have the scoreboards.

    You have to be careful of the boards, as sometimes the dealers don't record the hands as they are played out. Of course you can look at a players scorecard, before you bet, to verify, the number of wins in a row, by a particular side.

    How far will you go in your progression, betting against the streak? Its not uncommon to see streaks of 10-11-12.

    What do you do when you see a betting opportunity and all the seats are filled? Do your casinos that you play, allow placing your bet on another players bet, with their permission?

    Good luck with your system, be careful.

  • Banker94...
    the Indian Casinos here in Southern California (Pala, Harrah's, Barona, etc...) all have the Digital Marquee Scoreboards...

    I don't start the Progession until AFTER at least 5 in a row,
    and that's at the $25.00 minimum,
    so 25, 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600 (at $2000 table maximum)...
    covers up to 12 in a row...

    The Casinos allow you to place your Bet next to someone else's...

    December results so far : (1 unit = $25.00)
    12-9 1 hour = +9 units
    12-16 10 hours = +41 units
    12-17 3 hours = +12 units
    12-20 4 hours = +16 units
    12-22 5 hours = +24 units
    12-23 4 hours = +14 units
  • Banker94...

    Some people are more "comfortable" waiting until AFTER 6 or 7 in a row (especially 7 in a row)...

    Statistical Probabilities of Consecutive LOSSES in a row (excluding Ties) :
    1 = 50.0%
    2 = 25.0%
    3 = 12.5%
    4 = 6.25%
    5 = 3.12%
    6 = 1.56%
    7 = 0.78%
    8 = 0.39%
    9 = 0.20%
    10 = 0.10%
    11 = 0.05%
    12 = 0.025%
    13 = 0.0125%

    The ODDS of LOSING 10 in a row = 1 in 1000.
    The ODDS of LOSING 11 in a row = 1 in 2000.
    The ODDS of LOSING 12 in a row = 1 in 4000.
    The ODDS of LOSING 13 in a row = 1 in 8000.
  • Your results look quite favorable.
    I do have a question for you though.
    You say you don't bet until the results have gone one way five times in a row,then you bet the opposite.
    Doesn't this involve a great deal of standing around,not playing?
    You post results of 12-9 1 hour winning 9 units. How many hands do they play in your casino that enough 5 hand losing streaks came up in a single hour for you to take advantage of 9 of them?.
    I'm not quite getting the full picture,I think.
  • NYB...

    RE : "Doesn't this involve a great deal of standing around, not playing?"...

    YES, but there were 8 tables open that time = many more opportunities per hour.
  • The $25.00 Profit AFTER 5 Consecutive Banker HITS in a row :
    25, 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600 (This Covers 11 Banker HITS in a row when you WIN the 12th Player BET).

    The $50.00 Profit AFTER 7 Consecutive Banker HITS in a row :
    50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600 (This Covers 12 Banker HITS in a row when you WIN the 13th Player BET).

    The $100.00 Profit (High Limit Table) AFTER 7 Consecutive Banker HITS in a row :
    100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200 (This Covers 12 Banker HITS in a row when you WIN the 13th Player BET).

    FYI : It is important to BET on PLAYER to AVOID the 5% BANKER "Commission".
  • Surfteq:

    Thanks for the posts on the odds for the Banker streak. Have you ever lost your max bet?

    I hope your luck continues. Your fortunate that you have so many open table to be able to track. The scoreboards make tracking the streaks easy.
  • Banker94...

    Re : "Have you ever lost your max bet?"...not yet, LOL...

    The most I have seen so far is 11 Banker in a row,
    then on Hand 12 Player Hit...

    If you wait until AFTER 7 Banker in a row,
    and then start at the $25.00 minimum,
    you're Covered for 13 Banker in a row,
    then Win Player Hand 14...

    This is definitely a High-Risk Strategy,
    and it's much Safer to Bet with the Trend than against it.
  • If you are having fun, all the more power to you. Me personally, I would not want to lose $1600 in one sitting -- and its probably going to happen eventually (although I hope you never face it). Just making a bet that big just to win 1 unit overall is enough to shy me away from any progressive strategy.

    Also, there's really no reason to wait until 5, 6, or 7 in a row go one way to use your strategy. If you don't want to wait around you don't have to and it is not going to change the probabilities at all. While its true that the odds of it going a certain way 5 times in a row is what you posted (although I didn't independently do the match), that is only true before it has already gone 5 times in a row one way. Once that has happened, the probability that it went (in the past) one way or the other five times in a row is, of course, 100% since it has happened already. Thus, the probability of the next play going one way or the other is simply your starting value again. But I think these discussions have been had before.
  • Let me _again_ reply that this is all voodoo.

    You can not say "OK, the odds of flipping 5 tails in a row is 1/32, so wait until 4 have been flipped and now the odds of getting a head is way higher than normal since the odds of that 5th tail is so bad." The odds of getting that 5th tail is _exactly_ 1/2 after you get 4 tails in a row. Believing anything else is a sure road to ruin, gambling-wise.

    I do not understand how this concept keeps coming up. Once the hands are played, they have _zero_ impact on the next round, with respect to banker or player winning, unless you try to count cards and use that knowledge near the end of the shoe as some have proposed in the past. But just because the banker wins 50 in a row does _not_ mean the player's winning odds are any different than they were at the start of the shoe.
  • I don't think our friend the baccarat player bases his bets/strategy on
    probabilities as such. Judging from other post, he seems to understand
    that events have probabilities. Patterns is most likely the basis for what he
    does and is based on perceived occurances over time. Is that true?

    If we were to look at a plot of blackjack and/or weather over time, we will
    most certainly observe patterns in behavior that are inherent to blackjack
    and to the weather. But, there is something very wrong with this approach
    when it comes to gambling. TIME, when do events occur in TIME? Random
    chance, luck, SD, Variance is not on some schedule and has no memory.
    Our attempts to arrive at some schedule for known events is pure folly...
  • The great thing about Baccarat and Blackjack is that they are both Composition-Dependent (in contrast to Craps and Roulette which are not),
    and also,
    with Baccarat,
    you get 100% "Penetration" every time,
    and you don't have to play every Hand (like you do in Blackjack most of the time).

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