Buying and selling hands?
  • In BJ Bluebook,the author spends an entire chapter on buying players hands,adding money on a players DD for less,and trying to sell some of your bad splits to another player.
    Only once have I ever tried this. On a day-trip to Buffalo Bills, the player next to me was hesitant to DD his 11 against a face. I offered to buy his hand and the dealer gave me a really dirty look. After the fact,he said -"don't do that again or I will call the pitboss over."
    I've seen dealers let someone put up a chip when the player didn't have enough to DD,but thats about the extent of my experiance with this.
    Will casinos allow you to buy or sell a hand? Offer to buy a BJ at even money(or maybe a premium)?
    Anyone have real life experiance with this?
  • Anybody???????
  • NYB- I recall reading that section in Renzey's book and I will say that the
    strategy is valid, but not for me. You need to be a good people person with
    those kinds of interactive skills. What goes on between you and the person
    to your left or right is none of the dealer/pits business. I've seen it many,
    many times down thru the years. Generally, the player is short of chips and/or
    just don't know much about the game, thus an offer is made. Husband and
    wife, friends, etc are typical examples. With just a few of these, the HA can
    be greatly reduced and on a good night completely eliminated.

    I guess you need to be the judge, to do or not to do..................

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