Dealer surrender at Stardust?
  • Anyone know anything about this new version of Bj,that has the dealer having to surrender on certain hands?
    I've heard its at Stardust and a few local casinos.
  • It's a house advantage play. When you have a 20 showing, you can elect to take an instant win of 1/2 your bet, rather than playing the hand out. However, the dealer pushing beating you is very rare (this is only done after the dealer checks for BJ so if he has a 2-card 21 you lose as always) is not very good. If you look at the, you'll find out that your EV for these hands is > .50, but taking the surrender makes it exactly .50, which is something the house would like to see you do.

    Just like normal surrender is a bad deal unless you are a card counter. IIRC, this is a 10 10 vs 10 deal only... and should never be taken. I believe it becomes a good play at a pretty high true count but since I have never played a game that offered this, I have not looked at the math at all to see what TC is correct.
  • stainless steel rat said:
    Just like normal surrender is a bad deal unless you are a card counter........

    SSR - You are incorrect again.....Normal (late) surrender is a GOOD deal for the non-counting basic strategy player. It increases your EV from +0.02 to +0.10, depending on the number of decks.

  • Yes, if your chance to win is less than 1 in 4, surrender. 15 and 16 are good
    examples...B/S players may have a little more wiggle-room.
  • Sorry. Not thinking and typing at the same time. I meant to write "normally _insurance_ is not a good deal for the non-counter..." and it isn't. Obviously insurance is a killer option for counters, being the best index play around. And yes, LS is good for everyone, even those that just use simple BS for LS, 16 vs 9, 10 and A or 15 vs 10.

    mea culpa...

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