question for Grifter
  • hi Grift-
    my question is regarding 3 or more card soft hand totals(typical 6 deck shoe game)

    1-i always hit a 3 or more card soft hand of 12-17 correct?

    2-with a 3 or more card soft 18 i should hit if the dealers upcard is 9,10,or Ace and stand on any other dealers upcard. correct?

    thanks Grift
  • question #1 should read 13-17 NOT 12-17

  • duh-
    should read 14-17.......................................

  • Prog - I knew what you meant, and you are correct on both of your answers; and win the gold star for January 5, 2006........Grif'
  • For a similar discussion, can you guys give me your take on 3-card HARD 16's.
    I believe Fred Renzey advises to STAND on the 3-card hard 16 if it contains fours or fives. Am I right on this?
  • Tribute - Yes, you are correct. That is mathematically the correct play, but the gain in EV is very, very, small (I don't remember the exact number, but it is in thousandths), and this small gain decreases even further as the number of decks increases.

    In Blackjack Bluebook II Fred does say to stand on 16v10 if the count is 15 or higher-if you're counting and using his great KISS III count.
    Best of luck-
  • For the original question of "Multiple Card Soft Hands"...
    Yes, but...

    Be advised that 3-card Soft 18 vs. Ace in a Stand Soft 17 game 6-decks is VERY close. A-3-4 vs. Ace is Hit better than Stand by 1/1,000... Ace-2-5 Hit better than stand by 2/1,000... and A-6-A Hit better than stand by 6/1,000. This is fairly rare, but does happen. Some of the 4-card versions of this hand stand. 8-deck games not quite as close, but under 7/1,000.

    Key to this hand is a 3... if you have a 3 as one of 4 cards, its a stand, and splits hairs with three cards.

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