dealer A , and i got 8s
  • i bet 800 US
    and i dont know if he got bj or not
    should i spilt
    if i spilt 4 hands and double each time
    and finally the dealer got BJ

    i lost 8x 800 US in one time
  • Where I play, this would never happen since the dealer always checks for blackjacks if he/she has a face card or 10 showing. Did the dealer actually have a blackjack, or did he/she draw out to 21? Something is not correct in this scenario!! Please give more information. Where were you playing? Why did you double down on each hand? Did you draw a three on each of your 8"s? How many decks were in play?
  • It sounds like he is talking about a "European no-hole card" game. The dealer deals his up-card, and maybe even his down-card, but doesn't check for BJ until the players have completed their hands or busted. Any extra bets made are typically lost if the dealer pulls that second card to make a snapper.

    This changes basic strategy in that you do less splitting and doubling when the dealer potentially has a blackjack. This particularly applies to 88 vs A. The dealer has a 4/13 chance of hitting that 21, so you don't split or double against an A...

    This game exists in the US, but usually here, if the dealer doesn't check for 21 until after all the players have done their thing, if he gets a 21, you only lose your original bet, not the splits, and doubles. But outside the US this is rare and you more commonly lose everything...
  • Not a game I want to play! Looks like Beyond14 got ripped.
  • any more change for the BS

    for such no hole card game when i face dealer A ?

    and also they dont offer surrender for dealer A

    do i still have to hit 16 vs A ?

    and how about if dealer got a pic on table ? will you know if he got bj or not before we take any action?
  • the ENHC basic strategy tables exist. You might check the wizardofodds to see if he has them. Since the game is rare in the US, you won't find very many references to it...

    BTW, no matter what the dealer's up card is, the down card is not checked (and often not even dealt) until after all player decisions have been made. If the dealer has an A up, chances are about 1/3 that he has a BJ and you would not double or split against that at all. Against any other card, you play the game just like a normal BJ game, even though there is a 1/13 chance he has a 21 if he has a 10 up... That means that for "close calls (on splitting or doubling) you probably would not do them, since in the US, before you split/double, you know the dealer doesn't have blackjack, but with ENHC you don't know that and the odds of losing are almost 10% worse.
  • beyond14,
    Can you say where you were playing?
    Why did you double down? Did you have 8's and 3's?
    How many decks?
  • do u know i got 5 pair of 8s finally
    with some of 3 or 2 second card i double it

    and i loss all
  • i just check the ENHC BS table

    that prove i played wrong for long time

    8 8 for pic and A also no spilt

    i suffer many times for spitting such situation

    and loss 4-8 bet in one game , my god
  • and also i found

    A A should not spilt for dealer A

    and 14 vs dealer 10 should also surrender

    thats all i played wrong before , anyone can confirm for me ?
  • beyond14,
    For me, a loss like that would be devastating. You can see it pays to know the basic strategy for the game you play. Won't avoid loss every time, but may help the bankroll last longer. I remember the time I split 3's against the dealer 6. Kept getting 3's, lots of double downs, multiple bets on the table, and the dealer drew out to 20. I lost it all. I love this game!
  • Yes, you have it right beyond14, no split or double if dealer 10 or Ace. Surrender 14-15-16 against dealer 10, and include 7-7 and 8-8. If your hand is 6-7 you have option to surrender against dealer 10. If you have Ace-Ace against Dealer Ace, just Hit.
  • 6-7 vs 10 also surrender ??

    can u explain ? then how about 5-8 , 9-4. 10-3

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