what s the house edge of this two bj game
  • 1.

    5 decks , CSM
    have surrender if dealer not got A on table
    can spilt four times and can double at any points
    dealer stand at soft 17


    8 decks , hand suffle , but cut at the half deck
    no surrender
    can spilt two times only and can double at any points
    dealer stand at hard 17
  • game 1. I don't have any numbers for 5 decks, but if this were 4 decks, the house edge (not counting CSM) would be -.288% (-.00288 in decimal). adding the CSM reduces the house edge by .028% (.0028 decimal) giving a final result of -.285%, making this the better game, if you do not count cards. Counting cards against the CSM is hopeless.

    game 2. -.4408% (-.004408 in decimal). Note that this does not include "penetration" since that doesn't affect the basic house advantage unless you are a card counter, and in that case the house advantage (or your advantage) is dependent on lots more than just the rules in play. if you mean 8 decks with 4 decks dealt, the game is hopeless for a card counter. If you mean 8 decks with 7.5 decks dealt, you ought to be able to eat that game up counting cards.
  • Hahaha. Very true, but where can you find an 8 deck game that deals 7.5 decks? Just about every casino cuts off 1.5 - 2 decks on that game.
  • the house edge for bacarrat game for betting player and banker

    is 1.24% and 1.06% respectively

    so playing blackjack or bacarrat is better ?
  • The house edge for blackjack is generally under .5%, which is less than any other casino game you can find...

    If you count cards, then blackjack becomes a player advantage game...
  • but why all casino player think bacarrat is the most fair game in casino
  • Because they don't have to know anything. Just pick "bank", "player", or "tie". With blackjack, they have to learn BS to get the house edge down to about .5%. Remember, when you walk in, the roulette tables are crowded, in the US a -5.28% house edge game with the 0/00 edge. 3-card poker is always crowded with a big house edge. Etc. Doesn't matter what "the players think". what matters is "what the math says". And the math says that except for a couple of good Craps bets with high odds, blackjack is the best game in the house.
  • would you please help me check in


    if i should choose early or late surrender in my first case ?

    thats no hole card game ,and A cannot surrender

    so thats early or late surrender

    since i found the BS is much difference for my case

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