late or early surrender, what s the difference?
  • ENHC no hole card game

    can surrender for any two cards except dealer got A , thats late or early surrender ???
  • the difference is:

    In the usual "late surrender" you can only surrender _after_ the dealer has checked for blackjack. If he has 21, you lose period.

    In "early surrender" you can surrender before the dealer checks for blackjack. That means that you can surrender your stiff 16 and only lose 1/2 your bet, whether he has BJ or not. I have seen one reference in the past to ES where you can surrender if the dealer has a 10 up, but not an A. But I've never played a game with ES so my experience is limited to what I have read about it, it seems more common outside the US where ENHC is also more common.

    The rule you gave is early surrender, since on a 10, the dealer could (unlikely) have a 21, and you get to surrender before he checks. Think about it for a minute to see the difference. In the US, the dealer gets two cards, with a 10 up, and I get a 16. I want to surrender, but I can't until after he verifies that his hole-card is not an Ace. If he has an Ace, I lose, period. With early surrender, if the dealer has a 10 up, I still want to surrender, but now I can do so before he checks for that Ace. one of every 13 times he has a 10 up, he's going to have a 21 and my stiff loses the entire bet. With ES, every time he has a 10 up, I can surrender my stiff and only lose 1/2 the bet. So without ES, my EV goes down slightly since one of 13 times my 16 is going to lose to a BJ and lose the entire bet. ES is a plus. Obviously that is why it is generally not offered in the US except on an occasional rare promotion or something.
  • It is Early surrender, and you should surrender any 14,15,16 against dealer 10-valued card. Also surrender 7-7 and 8-8. Do not split or double down against a 10-value or Ace, since dealer wins all bets. In case you have Ace-Ace against dealer Ace, just Hit. Keep your bets as small as possible, as this is not a good game.

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