never take even money ?
  • actually any exception case

    in case of Bj vs dealer A , he have 4/13 chance to draw me

    i know i can earn a bit more in long term

    but if i m not counting cards , and i m betting

    in a way of 400 us then 800 us , and 400 us then 800 us in such way

    do u think i still worth to take the full money each time ?
  • If you are not counting,it is almost always best not to take even money.However,certain circumstances can change that.For example-you are playing in a DD game that is dealt face-up.You remember that your last hand was a 4 or 5 card loser/winner to the dealers 4 or 5 card hand. Your current hand,and the cards on the board are OVERWHELMINGLY non-10 cards.Now,without counting,your observation tells you there should be more tens in the deck than normal.Its not a hunch,its an observation.This is one example of the type of
    circumstance that dictates you should take even money.
    Just because you are not counting doesn't mean you shouldn't be observing.
  • Hmm now you got me thinking...

    I forget how it works because they do not offer even money in A.C. but they do in Las Vegas. When playing in Vegas wouldn't be better NEVER to take even money reguardless and place insurance bets based on the count? Using my counting method it says on +3 or better to take insurance.

    I forget how insurance payouts work though. You get paid for your insurance bet and your origional bet on the bet circle also right??? So if I take insurance on my blackjack hand and the dealer has bj, then is my bj a push and I just get paid my insurance bet? For some reason I am forgetting how it works in Vegas. Do all blackjacks get paid 3:2 regardless if the dealer has blackjack or is it a push? In A.C. all blackjacks are a push if the dealer turns over blackjack. Braincramp! Help! haha.
  • insurance and even money are the same thing.

    You bet $10. If you insure a dealer A, and he doesn't have a 10, you lose the $5 and keep playing. If he does have the 10, insurance pays 2:1 so your insurance bet wins $10. But you lose your original bet which means this is a break even (you bet a total of $15, you won $10 on the insurance and lost $10 on your original hand).

    When you have a 21 and the dealer has an A up, insurance or even money is the same bet. If you insure your $10 bet for another $5, and the dealer doesn't have the 10, you lose that $5 and then get paid 3:2 on your original 21. 3:2 means you get $15 on your original $10 bet, but you gave up the $5 insurance bet, netting $10, which is "even money".

    "even money" is just easier for the dealer to pay off, rather than having to pay off the insurance bet and pushing on the original bet, he just pays you an amount equal to your original bet which saves time.
  • Ok, thanx for the review on insurance/even money.
  • but I always betting 2x1 , bet 100 then 200 ,..

    that will be a very great pressure for the opportunity that I will be give up my winning hand

    and may be i will lost the 2x1 totally $300 US , seems not worth
  • If you have BlackJack, you cannot lose... only tie. For a $400 bet, you make $20 more if NO EVEN MONEY.
  • i dont mean lost that hand

    if the game draw , then i bet the same amount in the next bet

    then if it become lost , then i will lost my 2x1 bet
  • then don't do that (bet the same on the next hand if the current hand is a push) if it worries you. This is a "cover play" that damages your EV but enhances your longevity in the casino. You have to decide which is more important.
  • Remember this the next time you're tempted to take Even Money: The bigger the bet, the biigger the mistake!
  • If you are playing blackjack where a blackjack pays 3 to 2 than insurance and even money are the same if you have a blackjack and do not count cards or have any knowledge of the cards taking even money cost you an average of 8% for single deck games less for multidecks. Insurance is only a bet on weather or not if the dealer has blackjack and you are not trying to protect your hand when taking insurance. If you are trying to protect your hand you are playing it wrong and will usually lose the insurance bet.

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