Recommended Online Casinos for BJ play?
  • Hi everyone,

    Firstly - apologies if this thread doesn't fit neatly in this categry, but couldn't see where else it would go.

    Just wondering if anyone has any favourite online casinos offering BJ Surrender they would like to recommend. Some, such as Carnival and Club Dice offer very attractive bonuses indeed, but upon closer inspection have many clauses and conditions such as that wagering requirements before withdrawing can't include play in BJ(Roulette / Crapps /Bacarat etc), which as far as I can see means that even if you had played very successfully in BJ would mean that you would have to fritter away 8-12 times your bonus on games such as slots where the house edge are astromomical, which surely kind of defies the whole point.

  • they have an enormous bonus and have nice games and bj surrender

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