advice on small team formation
  • does anyone out there have experience/advice on blackjack team formation?
    i'm thinking along the lines of approximately 5 or less members-
  • My advice would be to read everything you can on them. Ulstons team,Tommy Hylands,the MIT,ect.
    I suspect most teams fail or breakup because of greed and dishonesty.
  • Forming the team is easy enough. You are probably talking about a spotter/big-player type affair? (the other approach is a combined-bankroll but play at separate tables so you both can play as if you had the combined bankroll in your pocket, risk-of-ruin-wise...)

    Trust is a big issue, that has to be resolved before you get out of the gate. Otherwise negative variance will bring accusations of "holding out" and so forth. Believe me, this is _the_ issue that kills teams.

    The other big issue is how to pay everyone. Do team members get paid when the bank is broken up after the goal has been met? Do they get expenses from the team bank before the bank is broken up? How much does each earn and how? What part do investors get?

    Lots of questions to answer, before you get to the mechanics of picking a few people to play with you...

    I think Arnold Snyder has a good white-paper on team play on his, in the library there. It's free reading and will probably tell you a lot of things to look out for.

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