Hello everyone
  • I'm from The Netherlands and play some BJ lately.
    I just want to say hi and learn something here at this site/forum.

    Played the hit or stand game but our Dutch rules are a little bit different.
    (Double after split is not allowed and play for the dealer as a tip is not allowed I just learned... :? )

    Before I went playing today I learnt the Basic BJ Strategy really good.
    I'm sure it helped me just fine a couple of times.
    I know that in the long run the mathametics is against me, but it's just fun to play.

    In The Netherland we play a 6 deck game, so counting is not an issue...is it??
    Got into some systems, but did not really found a good one for me. All the systems I tried to understand are based on good and bad series...
    Most of the time I get 2 or 3 bad runs, and than 2 or 3 good runs, 1 good, 1 bad...etc.
    So I should choose for a system based on short runs...

    I would like to hear an opinion on that. And would also like to know if you play with a system and if so, which one and why.

    And does anyone know some software for testing a system? Found some software to throw with a coin. But the software does not know how much money I would have bet in which situation...

    Look at me now...I just wanted to say hi... :D
  • Hello Dutch, Rules will vary and you need to understand what's good
    and what's bad(a good book should help)

    Odd that you can't bet/tip the dealer, but you have found ways around
    that haven't you?

    Counting is possible for all deck configurations provided that they don't
    use a CSM....don't play those games, if for no other reason than sending
    a message to the house.

    If you learned B/S before you went to play last time, then you have more
    "gray matter" than anyone that I know, re-think and test yourself on B/S.

    Systems-I assume you are talking about some money management
    technique, progression,etc,etc. If thats the case, any number of people
    on this forum can point you in several directions. Is that the case?????
  • csm? Is it the machine that shuffles the cards? Yes, all casino's have them here in The Netherlands. We only got government-casino's here...so all the same...
    So I believe cardcounting has no use here...

    Yes, I ment money management technique whith system.
    All money management techniques I learned about are, in my eyes, not more profitable than just playing.

    Is there a money management technique on blackjack that is mathametically proven in my advantage??

    Before someone can show me this, I believe that playing blackjack, without counting, will cost me 0,76% in the end.
    But I play for fun and not for the money, so it's ok. But I must agree, winning is more fun than loosing... :D
  • Dutch, There is the automatic shuffler and the continuous shuffler, they
    are different in that the auto shuffler is ok for counting because it does
    the work of the dealer when the discard tray is combined with the cards
    remaining in the shoe. The CSM shuffler mixes the cards on a continuous
    basis and the counter has no reference(discard tray) to help him determine the status of the remaing cards. If your dealer handles all
    the cards and puts all of them in a machine that shuffles them prior to
    the dealer putting them in the shoe, then you can count cards...................

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