here's another dumb question from the peanut gallery...
  • Can the house edge on Casino War be lowered using card counting? That uses anywheres between 1-6 decks. I don't think any cards are cut off either. Wizzard of Odds doesn't have much on the game. They just say you have a 50/50 chance on every hand. But if you know when the the high valued cards are going to come out wouldn't that help? OR does the premise of the game of which high card beats the lowest(ex: Q beats J) make every draw 50/50?
  • Casino War has got to be the most mindless table game ever.I can't see how counting would do anything to help. The speed of this game approaches that of slots,a couple hundred hands an hour. If you have a 50/50 chance on each hand,how does the house make money? I KNOW they wouldn't put a game on the floor without an edge.
  • The problem is the way the game is played. If you know there are more high cards in the deck left, how would you use that? You have no idea who will get 'em. Forget the game. It's 100% "carnival time" at that table. In fact, this is true for most all such games. You can win at Pai Gow, if you have the bankroll to frequently be the banker (where that is allowed). You can beat 3 card poker if you can find a dealer that flashes one of his 3 cards. Forget the others. They offer entertainment value, but nothing else. 3 card poker will drain your bankroll like nobody's business, for example.

    House edge is too high in this game (as in all the others except for BJ and Bac. Even Bac is too high but better than everything else but BJ for card games.
  • Its the ties... or going to war that favors the house. Essentially, being paid even $$$ for a tie is not quite right. The house has a 3% advantage. If winning a war pays 3:1, the House Advantage will drop to about 1%. Good Luck finding that game anywhere!

    Caribbean Stud also on the list of "Don't Bother" games, too.... unless the Jackpot is 250,000 bucks+

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