Renzey , i have bought your book
  • but I used to play CSM game with no hole card , and have early surrdener except dealer get A

    can u tell me something the stragegry i should be used
  • easy answer. Against the CSM, the best way to play is to use your feet and leave. You can't beat it by counting.
  • but I win 15000 US within 15 mins on 1 Jan and I just want to know what s the BS changed for such game

    for example 14 vs 10 and 88 77 vs 10 should be surredner which not mentioned in the book
  • As BS is designed for your 2 cards against the dealers 1 card,with no consideration for cards previously played,I'd play BS With the only exceptions being the cards you can see on the board. A board full of small cards,or large cards could change 16vs10,for example.
    BTW- I would think people winning 15,000 in 15 minutes or betting 777 a hand should be giving advice,not aking.What kind of BR do you use
  • since i just found out no hole card game s BS is diffreent with hole card game but the book seems not much mention no hole card game
  • 1. Almost all BJ book authors are from the U.S. Since the US casinos don't offer ENHC games, nobody pays them much attention unless they play internationally. THat's why most books don't spend much time on the game.

    2. Winning against a CSM does not make it a beatable game. I've watched someone hit three consecutive roulette numbers. Very rare. But doesn't mean they can beat the wheel.

    3. 15K in 15 minutes at a shoe/CSM game sounds like about 15-20 rounds played, which would mean (a) you played 15 hands at $1000 each and won them all (very rare); (b) you played 30 hands at $500 and won them all (even rarer); (c) you played 25 rounds at $1000 each and had some cobination of wins, losses and pushes that added to $1500.

    Luck is a part of the game. But if you are betting $1000 per hand, and don't know that there is a different BS for ENHC vs US blackjack games, either you are very wealthy or way over-betting your skill level. I would not personally put that kind of money at risk unless I knew _exactly_ what I was doing and knew I was capable of playing as accurately as possible...
  • i bet small at the first and win 385 US ,

    then i begin to buy 385 ,if win then buy 770

    the dealer nearly non stop burst in my cycle ,

    then i get this wonderful new year gift and also thats my birthday gift

    of coz this is luck , i m still looking for another chance but seems very difficult

    i lost back 4280 US in another day , but luckily finally i withdraw 640 US to get back my balance
  • beyond, I hope you have a lot of money to throw around. If not, you have a serious gambling problem, I think.
  • i bring 2500 US each time

    and I already win at least 38000 US up to now

    the most serious will be i loss back all and never go casino anymore

    but seems i still have much chips to play in the coming months
  • Beyond -- In No Hole Card games, if you lose both bets on doubles and splits when the dealer has B/J, then basic strategy is to not double down with 11 vs. 10 and not split Aces or 8's vs. A. The "lose all" rule costs you 0.13% in EV.

    If you lose only your original bet, then there is no difference in your basic strategy, or your EV, since it really doesn't matter whether the dealer takes a down card at the beginning of the hand, or gets it after all hands have been played.

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