Three Deck Game
  • What are the BS Hit/Stand chart changes & house advantage on a new three deck game the local Indian casino has introduced?

    S17, double any two cards, double after split, split to 4 hands (including Aces), late surrender, and pen looks to be good with about a deck cut off (maybe even sometimes a little less than a deck is cut)

    It is only on a $25 table and does not seem to be getting a lot of action
  • Personally I would just use the multi-deck BS. That is probably close enough. You could compare DD BS with the usual multi-deck (sometimes called 6d) BS, and see where they differ. I know quite a few that just learned DD BS and use that everywhere. It is a little conservative when playing SD games, with respect to doubling down, but it works OK, particularly if you are counting.

    Each deck slightly boosts the house edge. But I wonder if this is done so that they can decrease penetration without increasing the number of rounds between shuffles? I've played at the Pearl River casinos a couple of times where I saw 6 deck with 2.5-3 decks cut off, and 8 decks with 3+ decks cut off. Not worth playing.
  • sage01,
    I just looked at the charts at for 3 decks. It appears that everything is identical to 6 decks EXCEPT for surrendering a hard 16 against dealer's 9. With 3 decks the chart shows to HIT the hard 16. Also notice the house edge is 0.24 % for 3-deck with your rules. I am not a full fledged counter, but your game is a decent one. I hope to find this game at MY indian casino next month.

    Is your 3 deck game a pitch game or dealt from a shoe?
  • Sage01...

    I sent you a Private Message with a few "fine points of play" for the GOOD game you have With Resplit Aces.

    I am also curious if the cards are dealt by hand, or dealt from a shoe... and is this East, West, or South USA?

    Good Cards!
  • The 3 deck game is dealt from a shoe with an ASM (Not the CSA, so you can count it) I'm back counting using the KISS II and not getting many favorable shoes. A 1 deck cut off is 66% pen, good but not great. The $25 table limit is slowing down my playing.
    The multiple splits of Aces seem like a player friendly rule. But it VERY seldom comes up.
    I plan to watch a lot. I have played using a 25, 30, 40, 50 progression mixed with counting. Had mixed results, about 200 in the hole to date.

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