When is new edition of BJBBII coming out?
  • I saw in a post a few months ago that the new version was coming out in February probably. Is that still the case?
  • The new run is at the printer now, and won't be out until probably late March. It's basically the same book, except 11 of its pages contain added info on things that posters and readers inquired further about.

    Page 79 contains the win/lose odds for 45 hands rather than 30.
    Pages 108 & 109 illustrate the "hand interaction" plays of hand partnerships and "no-bust" side bets with other players.
    Pages 123 & 124 contains advice on when to make the Insurance bet while using the A/10 Front Count.
    Page 157 details revised KISS index numbers for the "hit soft 17" rule.
    Page 158 contains revised and additional surrender plays for the "hit soft 17" rule -- as well as an EV table for the 21 KISS index hands when the count is "neutral" vs. when it is "29".
    Page 161 contains an EV and "frequency of occurance" table showing your EV at various running counts and how often those counts occur in shoe games.
    Page 174 has a "True Count vs. Running Count" table, showing the varying amount of error margin between the T/C and R/C depending upon your current depth into a 6 deck shoe. As before, this page then goes on to show you how to make up for that error by knowing in advance that you will "fudge" your bets and index plays based upon how much shoe has been dealt. This in effect, is true count converting without any calculations.
    Page 176 was rewritten to make it clearer and easier for the KISS user to accurately play the slightly negative basic strategy departures -- namely 9 vs. 3; 12 vs. 4; 13 vs. 2; A/2 vs. 5 and A/4 vs. 4.
  • P.S. -- Also throw into page 176, 12 vs. 6.
  • Seems like a good deal of added info. I'll wait until March.
  • There's not a week goes by where I pick up BJBBII that is for me my bible and still reread pages of it even though I bought it about over 2 years a go, its a rare book that covers the other stuff that there is in between bs and card counting that a lot of books just don't bother to cover that can make a difference to your play, it simply tunes the readers head in to easy to follow steps, slowly increasing the difficulty in stages, in way I could get my head around it, that other books just did't do for me, I recomend it if your starting out on blackjack and only going to buy one blackjack book make it this one, I started practicing Kiss III but I've been side tracked for the last few months as I've been learning to play poker as well, in between my blackjack play, so I've got your poker book on my "To Buy" list as well Fred! take care and be lucky


  • Colin-
    I couldn't agree with you more. I for one wholeheartredly beleive that if i paid $200.00 for my copy of Blackjack Bluebook II it would be more than worth every penny! Best of luck to all.
  • I think the price of Bluebook just went up! (I'll make you a good deal on mine, Prog.)

    I agree. One fine book.
  • think about it-I'm Renzey-show my first completed Blackjack Bluebook II to the casino owners worldwide,tell them i'll let them off cheap,say $15,000,000.00 and i won't submit it for publication! thank goodness for us players he didn,t do it!
  • To Mr Renzey just have to say of all the BJ books I have read yours has been the most helpful. Agree with the threads on this post. Will look foward to the new edition coming out. Thank you.

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