best use of promotional chips?
  • I'll be in Vegas this week and have a chance to buy
    $115 in non-cashable chips for $90.
    On my last visit,I used them in the first in,last out system where I played the promo chips and kept the real chips until the promos were gone.
    But I saw someone with a stack of promos that played using his real chips,reserving the promos for DDs and splits.
    Is there any advantage to doing this?
    Any way to use these chips thats better than just playing them until they are gone?
  • There is an interesting article titled "Beyond Coupons" at the following site that you might find useful.
  • I guess the promos pay real $$ if they win.

    If so use them first, and when gone total up your winnings based on promos. Hopefully, its more than $90. ;o)

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