High Tech Hits Black Jack
  • I revisited an Indian casino last month and noticed their shiny new chips.
    The dealer said they had recently installed computers at their BJ tables which scan a device imbedded in the new chips! The computer can detect the amount of your wager and keep track of your playing decisions, skill level, etc. I have to admit this made me a little uncomfortable. "Eyes" in the sky, surveillance watching our every move, and now scanners under the felt communicating with the chips! Is this new, or am I just behind the times? Have any of you played lately with these contraptions in place?
  • I haven't, but where was this casino?? How far from Houston? Hit up the details man! ^_^
  • Grand Casino Coushatta, Kinder, LA. 40 miles north of Lake Charles. After you place your bet, dealer hits a button on the table next to the shoe. A sensor under the felt scans the chips for denomination and number of chips, then feeds information into a computer keeping track of your play. It's been seven months since I was in LV and I didn't see this at any of the joints I played in.
  • Hah, that's crazy! Now that gives me another reason not to go to Coushatta. You just said "indian casino" so I was thinking you meant in Texas somewhere... anyway, it can track ones SKILL LEVEL, eh?! Very nice, I wanna find out how it rates my play and than see how fast it takes for the dealers to "throw me out" cuz I'm playing too well, hahaha.
  • Bug,
    Coushatta is a VERY nice place. You should go once to check it out. They have a large casino that gives you a Vegas feel. Their 2D game is pretty good. I would not let the scanners intimidate you since you don't count anyway. It was just a big surprise for me to discover the new layout.
  • Sweet. Tell me more about their 2D games & the HA. Oh, and if they even have many 2D available.
  • I was up $150 and tired of 6D. Tried out 2D for first time ever. Was fortunate to have table all by myself for couple of hours. The $10 minimum was nice. Finally got on a streak and added another $200 to the win column. I only noticed the one 2D table. HA is -.16 with DOA, DAS, S17, RSA, and no sur. Six deck is -.40. You will like this place.
  • Ah I see, only 1 2D table though? What is DOA & RSA???

    What's the usual min & max? I might check it out sometime.
  • They probably have more 2D in the high roller lounge with $25 and $50 min. My understanding is that 2D on the LV strip is usually $25 min. At Coushatta my 2D table limit was $10 to $2,500.

    DOA: "Double On Any two cards"
    RSA: "Resplitting Aces"

    I really enjoyed double deck. I'm going back this month and it's a sure bet you'll find me parked at that same table going heads up with the dealer.
  • Hey, I just returned from a 5 day ... well for better words... a skinnin'. Stayed at the Flamingo, but tabled around the whole town. Now to point. One of the dealers at Flamingo said next month they are going to the high tech tables and 'smart' chips. He said it was a lot more work for the dealers... but that's not the part that bothered me. They will now keep track of every bet and to the minute play time. :evil: He also told a story about a guy who came in on Thurs. and drop 4k, but won 12k on Friday. When he asked to be comped... they told him.... 'well sir, you are up 8k!'

    Ain't what it used to be.
  • I thought comps were based on overall time and average bet per hand and not on specific win/loss. The only extra work for the dealer I noticed was the requirement to press a button before each hand to set the computer. Maybe the dealers consider that burdensome. I wonder if the casino is really getting their money's worth out of their investment into these inovations.
  • Hey Wolfpack, It's been over a year since I played at Flamingo. I really liked the place, but I read that now it's all H17. Did you find this to be the case?
  • Yes, all tables were H17. They did for the first time have a 2 deck table however, $10 min.

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