A.C. Really isn't that bad
  • I have read about and heard a lot of people saying that you can't find a good blackjack game in A.C. That just isn't true. You just have to be playing the right game at the right casino. Some of these casinos don't even cover the bottom card of the shoe. Now I don't care if they use 6 or 8 decks if you can see that card you can play an extremely profitable cut game. Much more so than just straight counting. I am an avid counter, but with these type of conditions there are so many more ways to make bigger money faster.
  • Hahaha well A.C. isn't that great either. Yes, agreed that you can find a few good games there if A.C. is your only choice, but the majority of what A.C. offers is 8 decks. Then you have their newly introduced 6:5 single CrapJack. All the low minimum tables are slowly dissapearing too. I live in South Jeresey and go to A.C. all the time. True, A.C. does have playable 6D games. You gotta know where they are though. Plan on bringing a huge bank roll when playing in A.C., there are days when even finding a $15 table is a chore.

    I can't even count an 8 deck game on a simulator like CBJV and end up with a favorable count. Unless you got the entire day to wait for a decent count to appear and wong in and out then you may have some success at playing 8 decks. Other than that when counting an 8 deck game down you're lucky if the count even gets close to the key count. Counts fluctuate better on a 6D game for some reason, which you can find good ones in A.C. if you look hard enough.

    Most recent rumor on A.C. casinos is that they are trying to get the "Dealer hits on soft 17 rule" into effect.
  • Can you tell us where the 6D games are in AC? Thanks!
  • The Borgata has primarily 6 deck games, although they use shuffling machines which alot of people tend to stay away from. I personally had no problem with them, as a matter of fact I found I had many favorable counts and with the machines it was so much faster I got so many more hands in. (These are not the continuous shuffling machines, the shoes are played out like normal and at the end of the shoe a machine shuffles instead of the dealer. Never play continuous shuffle games it takes any advantage away gained by counting.) As for the lousy 8 deck games in A.C. I agree they can be frustrating sometimes, but as I said before casinos like the Tropicana set themselves up to be beat by a good cut game. Any time you can see cards to be dealt You have the possibility of giving yourself a 51% advantage. Now you could straight count from today till forever and never get that kind of advantage. As for lower minimum tables I find them most during the day weekdays, and graveyard shifts until noon on weekends.
  • Thanks. I played for the first time at Trump Marina and they had a shuffle machine but it was not continous. Will check out the Borgata next time we go. :)
  • Bojack1 said:
    As for the lousy 8 deck games in A.C. I agree they can be frustrating sometimes, but as I said before casinos like the Tropicana set themselves up to be beat by a good cut game. Any time you can see cards to be dealt You have the possibility of giving yourself a 51% advantage. Now you could straight count from today till forever and never get that kind of advantage.

    Can you please explain yourself more. I am not quite following what you are saying on the 8D game. Or am I? Are you saying that the Tropicana cuts their 8D games better than 1.5 decks sometimes? 2 - 2.5 decks cut is the worst you can get in A.C. while 1.5 decks cut is the lowest. What do you mean by "see the cards to be dealt?" .. do you mean since the cut is better that more cards are in play to count right? Are you saying some dealers at the Tropicana will cut less than 1.5 decks off sometimes?

    I am totally aware that when the dealer cuts off less decks by not paying attention and not using that notch to place the cut card that it can benifit. I played 2D in Vegas once with a dealer that was in training and she didn't place the cut card exactly where she was suppose to and we ended up getting a outstanding cut that resulted in our most profitable session of our trip.
  • What I mean by "cut game" is actually seeing the bottom card of the shoe,and than cutting the deck in such a way that you will land that card in your hand. You need some key factors for it to work but when it does its a monster! First you need to practice cutting a certain number of cards off the shoe that you can accurately detemine how many there are in that cut. I always try to cut 52. You don't have to be perfect but you do have to know if you cut more or less than your expected amount and how much. Once you're good at it and feel confident, you play this at a time in the casino when you and a partner can control the table. In A.C. it usually is around the graveyard shift through the morning right before they change cards. Now one person sits at 1st base the other at 3rd, or at least have 2 seats in between. Her comes the fun. After the dealer shuffles they spin the deck toward the person with the cut card. At the Tropicana they leave the bottom card of the shoe exposed(unbelievable!) So the other person usually can see it. If you don't see it at first be patient, because if you're looking for it you'll see it more times than not. When you do see the card you than fgure out if its worth using. If its a ten or ace go for it. Now the person with the cut card cuts the deck as practiced and should know how many cards were cut. Lets just say 53. The dealer than puts those cards in the front of the shoe. If that bottom card was an ace you now know that the 53rd card dealt is going to be an ace. To land an ace in your hand gives you a 51% advantage on that hand. Thats an approximate true count of 25 for that one hand! So when the dealer starts dealing star counting down from 53,play accordingly so the ace does'nt land with the dealer. It may mean you play a hand or two badly, maybe hitting when you should'nt or standing when you should'nt, but when it comes time for that ace to land bet as much as you feel comfortable with because for that one hand you have what equals atrue count of at least 25. If you win it camoflouge acoule of smaller bets and walk away , or stick around and do it again. If you lose try it again the numbers say you'll win more than you lose with this ---- and you will.
  • Ok,thanks for explaining. That method looks to only work in a team play situation making sure no other players are sitting inbetween. Otherwise if another player enters the game your system can be totally screwed. I travel to A.C. alone so that wouldn't work for me hahaha.

    I understand its an alternative option in A.C., but still... why bother playing that game on a graveyard or morning shift while you can just go to other casinos that offer 6D at low minimums and not have to deal with the hassle of depending on that one hand.
  • Really its not that big of a hassle. It is for team play so with a single player its not an option. But it is so lucrative, so much more than just counting shoes. Although I do count more than I do this, when this situation arises I ride it for as long as I can. And you can play it if another person sits down you just need to adjust your play to it. But in theory if you know your getting a hand with an ace you should be putting up at least 1/4 of your bankroll. Some do more some do less, but there will never be a time when you're counting that you will ever have an advantage this great. Look at it this way, how great would it be to play blackjack knowing what cards were coming out- well now you do. Also with a partner one can count down the cut while the other can keep the running count of the shoe. So you can play this over and over and over. You won't believe how much faster you will get to your E.V. with this method. You can also play this with small cards and a few different ways with tens. If anyone is interested I'll keep going.
  • very interesting..........keep going!
  • I'm glad you're interested because this technique is a very valuable weapon in your blackjack arsenal. Anyway playing with tens can sometimes be even more powerful than with an ace. Now you can just try to land the ten in your hand, which still gives you a very good 13% advantage. Or you can place it as the dealers bust card, which would give you a 100% advantage- but only if the dealer needs a card. This is a risky move but the best when it works out. In this case you and your partner would both make large bets, because as you know regardless of what you have if the dealer busts everyone gets paid. Also a consolation to this is if the dealer doesn't need a card you won't always lose the hand, but if you do, you know the next card in the next hand will be a ten and you can put up another large bet. Placing the small cards is tougher but basically you want to do it with 5's and 6's. What you want to do is place them in the dealers hole card. So you know when its done right even if the dealer shows a ten he still has a weak hand of 15 or 16 depending on which card you put in the hole. This can be huge because now you know the dealers hand and if you so choose you can double down on just about anything that won't bust, because you know the dealer has the prime bust hand. I promise you this system work great, but be careful. Practice your cutting until you're very acurrate with your card estimation. If you are consistantly off you will lose a lot of money. But when you're on it is so powerful you won't believe it. A few years back there were a few people up in New England who used this and they had quite a run. Good Luck!
  • Thanks. I have printed this whole thread out so I have it for reference.
  • That's an interesting method. I'll have to practice at home with 8 decks to grab a better feel and understanding for how it works. Next thing would be to find someone to go to A.C. with to do this with. It's hard to get a team gathered up because most don't wanna take the time to learn this. I have 2 team members but they don't live locally anymore. We only meet up in Vegas once a year.

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