Total newbie question.....8)
  • Just introducing myself, I am Trailboss and I live in New Jersey with my wife and dog.

    Pardon the silliness of my question folks (my wife insists I ask!). I'm a longtime lurker,though, here on your site. I love to play the "trainer" but have never played a single hand of BJ with real cards. I want to take my wife out somewhere new, and live about 50 miles north of A.C. I would love a chance to go lose some money on Blackjack for real! LOL

    She wont go without taking our Shepherd, and I'm wondering if any of the hotels are "pet friendly"? I am searching Google, and cant find anything. Thanks for tolerating this silly post!

    Great job on the simulator, and I am up to about page 63 of the Strategy forum. Very entertaining!
  • Greetings, Trailboss. Welcome aboard! Don't know the answer to your question about pet-friendly casinos -- I just know I've never any animals (4-legged variety) at any of the ones I've been to.

    Good luck, and continue to join the discussions with questions or comments.
  • Thanx for the reply, I'll keep looking...there have to be some down there somewhere...8)
  • Some Las Vegas hotels had started Day-Care areas years ago. Parents could leave their children in these supervised play areas while they gambled, dined, attended shows or whatever. Atlantic City hotels never seemed to be interested in this service. Therefore, I don't see them tolerating animals any time soon.
    Off of exit 40 on the Garden State Parkway (Black Horse Pike), there are many privately owned motels. They generally charge about $40 per night. Although driving the 2+ miles from these motels to the casinos is a pain, one of these might allow your dog.

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